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Examination Information

Mock Exams Years 10-13
To help prepare students for the public examinations, we conduct Mock exams in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 under full examination conditions with external invigilators who run and supervise these exams. Students are given a personalised copy of their mock exam timetable to inform them of the date, subject, location, start time, duration, and seat number.
Exam Boards
Subject teachers research and identify the most appropriate exam board which provides the best combination of subject content and examination assessments to meet the needs all learners.

Exam Boards 18-19

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    Preparing for Examinations
    Public examinations can be a stressful time for both students and their families. However, much can be done to minimise the effect of stress. Students in Years 11 to 13 will receive advice and support from the exams department and from their form tutors. If students or parents have specific concerns they should speak to the Head of Year (Year 11), Head of Sixth Form (Years 12-13) or directly to the Exams Officer.

    Exams Information booklet 2018-19
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    Examination Timetable

    Click HERE to view the examination timetable for the current academic year. 

    Examination Rules and Regulations
    The examinations awarding body (JCQ) has put into place rules and regulations to allow the examinations to run as smoothly as possible and to ensure fairness for all students. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the following regulations:


    Information for Candidates - 2018-19 - NEA
    Download 45.20 KB Posted September 25, 2018
    Information for Candidates - coursework 2018-19
    Download 42.21 KB Posted September 25, 2018

    (rules and regulations for all coursework)

    Information for candidates - written exams 2018-19
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    (rules and regulations for all paper-based examinations)

    Information for candidates - social media 2018-19
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    (concerning what conversations on social media sites may constitute a breach of exam conditions)

    Information for candidates - Privacy Notice
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    (concerning the use of personalised candidate information by exam boards)

    Information for candidates - onscreen tests 2018-19
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    (for examinations requiring the use of computers)

      Post Result Documents - Appeals etc.
      Post-results services enquiry, consent and payment form.
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      Front Cover Booklet A Level
      Download 144.51 KB Posted July 20, 2017
      Flowchart For A Level Students 2017
      Download 36.58 KB Posted July 20, 2017
      Enquiries About Results Policy
      Download 33.00 KB Posted July 20, 2017
      Deadlines, Feed and Charges GCSE
      Download 21.87 KB Posted July 20, 2017
      Deadlines, Feed and Charges A Level
      Download 22.83 KB Posted July 20, 2017


        Results Days
        Students are invited to come and collect their AS/A Level and GCSE results on the appropriate dates shown below. Members of staff will be available to offer further guidance and support if required.

        • A Level             Thursday 15th August 2019
        • GCSE              Thursday 22nd August 2019