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Form Tutor

Students report that the close relationships between students, in particular with different age groups, means that there is an in-built support system which they can all rely on. Younger students say they feel immediately welcome at the school.l.

Ofsted 2015

business 34The Form Tutor is the focus of the pastoral care and has responsibility for the welfare of the students and looks after them in their journey through school.

As mentioned on the House system page, there are 8 forms in each year group making a total of forty forms and tutors. It is the The form tutor’s role is to support the emotional involvement, academic achievement and social development of students on a daily basis.

Form tutors quickly become known to students since they see them every day.  Registration is carried out and this allows patterns of attendance, timekeeping issues to become apparent and any remedial action to be put in place should it be required.

The form tutor becomes one of the main communicators of information to the student and is seen as the person to go to if the student has any questions, issues or problems the student has. The form tutor is also the main person with whom parents and carers will discuss the well being and progress of their child or any other issue that arises.

Monitoring of student progress is carried out by the form tutor, who will ensure the correct level of progression is carried out through discussions and setting targets. It is also the form tutor’s role to give out feedback and praise in recognition of achievements.

The form tutors re-enforce the school’s ethos throughout everything they do; they accompany students to assemblies and ensure attendance. The form tutor is responsible to ensure that the students follow the code of conduct and take any remedial action if the behaviour of a student is not up to par. The wearing of correct school uniform is enforced by all staff but it is the form tutor who takes any remedial action if required.

The form tutor will check student planners to ensure that curriculum staff, students and parents are all contributing to recording the progress, setting of targets and proper feedback is present each week.

Your child will be allocated a form tutor who may remain with them for each subsequent year. Parents and carers can contact the form tutor to arrange a meeting should they feel the need arise.