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Key Stage 4 (KS4) Years 9-11

An overview of how Crompton House structures the curriculum delivery for Key Stage 4

IMG_0082Years 9 to 11 are important years in preparing students for external examinations and for further education or apprenticeships.  Having a three year Key Stage 4 allows us to devote extra time to maths and English, but also ensures that students have maximum choice and can select up to 4 options for subjects studied (depending on which pathway they follow).

Except for Maths, English and Sciences, GCSE subjects are taught over four periods every two weeks.  All students are required to study Religious Studies and also receive one period of Physical Education each week.  PSHE and careers education is incorporated into Religious Studies at KS4 and we call it ‘Religion and Life Studies’ (RLS).

In Year 11 students apply to enter our Sixth Form and select the A level subjects they wish to study.  Students are encouraged to consider the range of post 16 options available but we are delighted that so many choose to remain with us.

The process begins early in the Autumn term.  The Sixth Form prospectus for the following year is published in October, allowing students the opportunity to carefully consider their options.   The subjects offered are predominantly A level courses; however, we do have a small number of vocational courses as well (please see the Sixth Form Prospectus for further details).  In November we hold an open evening for students and parents to hear talks about Sixth Form life and to walk round the school and meet subject leaders and Sixth Form representatives.

Students complete their application and make their initial subject choices in December.  The timetable manager constructs the Year 12 option block based on student options.  In January the Year 11 students have a day of taster lessons in the subjects they have selected.  This is followed up with one-to-one interviews with students and parents to review career aspirations and finalise or amend student options.

Students receive a conditional offer of acceptance before the February half term, and, as soon as possible after half term, the timetable manager confirms which subjects students have been accepted for.  It is normal that around 95% of subjects chosen are agreed without having to use students’ reserve choice.