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“Since we cannot know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try to teach it in advance. Instead, we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned.”

John Holt


Learn2Learn is studied by all Year 7 and Year 8 students alongside their main subjects. ‘Learning to learn’ is a process of discovery about learning. It involves a set of principles and skills which, if understood and used, help learners learn more effectively and so become learners for life. At its heart is the belief that learning is learnable. In brief, ‘learning to learn’ offers learner’s an awareness of:

  • how they prefer to learn and their learning strengths
  • how they can motivate themselves and have the self-confidence to succeed
  • things they should consider such as the importance of water, nutrition, sleep and a positive environment for learning
  • some of the specific strategies they can use, for example to improve their memory or make sense of complex information
  • some of the habits they should develop as effective learners, such as good organisation, revision techniques and reflecting on their learning so as to improve next time.

The top set Modern Foreign Languages group in each band start a second forign language in Year 8, in addition to the language studied in Year 7. these pupils do not follow the Year 8 Learn2Learn course, but use this time as part of their second foreign language teaching time.

Process versus Content. As Learn 2 Learn illuminates the processes of learning, the more the learners understand and relate to the processes they undergo when learning, the nearer those learners become to being successful, self-directing and independent in their studies. Ultimately the more effective they are as learners should enable them to be more successful in fulfilling their potential and maybe more.

L2L year 7 - 8 Outlines 2014-15
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Options Process

In Year 8 as part of the Options choices procedure the Heads of House, Mrs Newell (SENCO) and the Curriculum Team Leaders will identify individuals / small groups of pupils, who, in their opinion, would benefit from following either a reduced academic timetable and/or undertaking some more vocational courses. Pupils will be informed and then mentored and taken through the application process at the appropriate time. Courses currently followed include: Work Skills, Practical Maths and Communication Studies.

Communications Studies

On this course, pupils will be developing vital skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening and using them in real world situations. These skills will enhance their studies in English and across the curriculum, as well as prepare them for post 16 education, training and the world of work.

Practical Maths

On this course, pupils will be developing vital skills in:

  • using and applying mathematics,
  • number and algebra,
  • shapes, space and measures and
  • handling data in real-world, practical, situations.

The course will result in an Edexcel Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics. These skills will enhance their studies in Mathematics.

Edexcel BTEC Certificate in WorkSkills Level 1 (Years 9, 10 and 11)

This course is designed to provide a focused and specialist work-related qualification. WorkSkills encompasses work placement, interview techniques, teamwork and vocational skills, as well as the soft skills that employers look for, such as adaptability, eagerness to learn and a can-do attitude.

The course is delivered through a series of units each carrying up to two ‘credits’ (13 in total for the course). We examine many aspects of the preparation for the world of work – ranging from ‘Interview Skills’ to ‘Rights and Responsibilities At Work’.

Pupils are assessed in a variety of ways: written assignments, class presentations, role play, short tests and such like. All assessments are conducted internally.

In Year 9 pupils are entered for the AQA Entry Level 3 qualification in PSE.


Work Skills Overview
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Work Skills Curriculum Overview Year 9
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Work Skills Curriculum Overview Year 10
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Work Skills Curriculum Overview Year 11
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