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Progress Monitoring & Reporting

parentseveningEach year, parents receive one long and one short  report on their children, and they are invited to at least one Parents’ Evening.  The short report shows  the teachers’ assessments of a number of criteria based on a scale of 1 (unsatisfactory) to 4 (excellent).  The criteria are: Behaviour,  Effort in Class, Homework Punctuality, Homework Quality.  They also show the current pupil grade or level known as the WAG-Working At Grade. This is a level or grade taken either from the last key assessment or as an average of key assessments completed during the year.  If an Estimated Grade is given, this is the grade the teacher estimates the pupil may achieve at the end of a key stage or the next externally marked exam.  Pupils are also given a Target Grade for each subject which is based on the pupil’s KS2 SAT score.

Long reports have written comments on progress, steps for progression and course content.  They also show the pupil’s  WAG-Working Out Grade and a detailed analysis of the child’s attendance.

As well as the annual Parents’ Evening where parents can meet their child’s teachers to discuss progress and other issues, parents of Year 7 pupils will also be invited to a Meet & Greet meeting with their child’s Form Tutor in the first half of the Autumn Term.  A similar meeting is held for parents of Year 12 students so that they can meet their child’s Academic Tutor.  Each Sixth Form student is allocated an Academic Tutor who monitors the student’s academic progress and other aspects of sixth form life. Pupils are individually mentored by their Form Tutor once a term during morning registration.