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Music Tuition & Groups

The school is particularly proud of its musical achievement. We have a variety of music groups, including choirs, a brass band, a wind band, a swing band, a samba band and an orchestra, all of high standard, which have developed strong reputations in the area by their performances in school and at other venues. Works by Mendelssohn, Haydn, Rutter and Britten and Jenkins for large scale vocal and instrumental groups have featured among a wide range of music performed.

The school works in partnership with Oldham Music Service and is particularly pleased with the huge progress our students make as a result of the tuition and guidance they receive. There are many OMS staff involved and they are regular visitors to the school each week. A wide range of 1-1 or small group tution takes place each day, in addition practice sessions take place for upcoming musical events, trips, Drama productions, Dance productions or other departmental support as requested.

The Oldham Music Service Team

Roger Meaden – Brass

Tom Haslam – Brass

Simon Prince – Woodwind

Tracey Hartnell-Booth – Woodwind

Jane Meaden – Woodwind

Stephanie Murphy – Upper Strings

Helena Drumm – Lower Strings

Rebecca Housley – Singing

Adrian Smith – Percussion

Angie Radcliffe – Piano & Keyboard

Andy Housley – Guitar

A selection of events involving the musical talents of our students.

Music Tuition

Crompton House works with the Oldham Music Service to provide instrument tuition in school. Tuition can be arranged on request:

  • Tuition is available in brass, woodwind, orchestral strings, guitar, keyboard, piano and percussion (drums) instruments as well as vocal tuition. (There is no provision for recorder lessons).
  • There are a limited number of places available.
  • Pupils who have not previously played are invited to start playing an instrument.
  • The charge includes the loan of an instrument where required.
  • Pupils entering the scheme must do so for a minimum of one full school year (ie three terms). This means that you must pay for 3 terms’ tuition even if your son/daughter stops attending lessons partway through the year. You must inform the Finance Office as soon as possible, in writing, if a pupil wishes to cancel tuition and where possible before the start of the next/new academic year. Reminders will be sent for non-payment of tuition fees.

The Tuition Rota

Pupils are withdrawn from normal school lessons for the half-hour of their music tuition. Group sizes for tuition are usually three or four; groups are not normally larger than five. Rotas are arranged so that the subject missed should vary from week to week. All normal school work must be caught up with and kept up to date, so pupils need to show diligence and commitment in this respect, as well as musical aptitude!

Instruments Storage, Identification and Insurance

Storage rooms are available for instruments during the school day, however pupils are encouraged not to leave instruments in school overnight.  A good level of vigilance is exercised by Music Staff but safe custody of instruments cannot ultimately be guaranteed. Instruments remain parents’ responsibility at all times.

Whether parents’/pupils’ own property or loaned, all instruments should be adequately insured by parents.

All instruments should be labelled or clearly identifiable.  Parents should keep a record of instrument make, model and any serial number.

School Music Groups

Music is a very important part of life at Crompton House. All students are invited to take part in a range of musical activities and we encourage our pupils to be a part of the many extra opportunities on offer.

Our choirs are open to all interested pupils.

Instrumental groups are open to all players of a suitable standard, whether they take lessons in school or with a teacher outside the school. Pupils who do opt to receive instrumental or vocal tuition in school are expected to take part in a group at a suitable level.

Ensemble playing and singing helps develop music reading and broader skills. The following groups currently operate in school:

Senior and Junior Orchestra | Brass Band  | Senior and Training  Wind Bands | Jazz Ensemble | Brass Ensemble | Senior Choir | Girls’ Choirs for all ages | Boys’ Choir  | Musical Theatre Group