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Personal Possessions


The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal equipment. Parents may wish to check that their home insurance covers possible loss of items of clothing at school. A small additional premium will very often provide such cover. Every effort is made to ensure the safety of personal possessions. Items of school property which are lost or vandalised must be replaced.


Lockers are provided in a number of locations around the school and students wishing to use a locker should locate an empty locker and using a lock they have brought into school secure the locker for their use. A spare key for the locker must be given to the Hub with the locker number attached to it.  If students have any issues with lockers they should see either their form tutor or ask for assistance at the hub.

Mobile Phones/MP3s/IPODS/Cameras

Mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras or IPODs in school attract unwelcome attention, get lost, damaged and sometimes stolen.  No pupils need a phone in school and if a child needs to contact home in an emergency there is a phone in the Hub for this purpose.

If however a mobile phone/MP3/IPOD/cameras is brought into school then the following rules apply:

  • school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage, however caused
  • it must be turned off on arrival and only turned on again after leaving the site.
  • it must never be used in school
  • it should be carried in a bag or inside blazer pocket, never visible
  • it must be handed in to invigilators in an exam room

If a mobile phone/MP3/IPOD/camera is used for any unsanctioned reason, discovered to be switched on or is seen or heard whilst in school, it will be confiscated and kept in the safe for one week. We do not make exceptions to this rule.  If you are unhappy with this, please do not allow your son/daughter to bring a phone/MP3/IPOD into school.

Smart Watches

Watches that allow access to the internet are not allowed in school under any circumstances. They will be confiscated and kept in a school safe for 7 days and nights, including the weekend.

Other Electrical Equipment

Electrical items such as hair-straighteners, chargers etc. are not allowed in school.