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500 Club

Monthly lottery draw

What is the 500 club?

The 500 club is a monthly prize draw to raise funds to provide items that the school’s tight budget cannot otherwise allow. 50% of the money raised from the draw remains in the account to pay for 3 prizes each month. The other 50% is donated to the PTFA, who spends it to directly benefit All the children. The more members we have the higher the prize money will be and the bigger difference we will make to school life. We currently have around 300 members and managed to donate £3,200 to the PTFA last year. Imagine the difference we could make to the school if we had more members, the school has around 1,300 pupils and out aim is for all parents in the school to be members of the 500 club.

Prize Draw

Entry to the monthly prize draw is only £1 per month with a year’s subscription of £12 paid in advance when joining. The draw for the winning numbers takes place at the PTFA meeting on the second Tuesday of each month (August and September are drawn at the same time) There are currently three prizes; first prize is £60, second prize is £30 and third prize is £20. The three winners’ numbers are then published on this web page, via parentmail and the monthly newsletter.

How do I join?

To join simply download the form below, complete the tear off section and along with your cheque send it into school as per the instructions on the form.

500 Club Membership Form
Download 185.99 KB

500 Club Lottery Draw Results

February 2018

1st Prize £60 – Lottery number 266 – May Coleman (Faye Symonds)
2nd Prize £30 – Lottery number 24 – Ros Martin (Erin Taylor)
3rd Prize £20 – Lottery number 421 – Darren Whittaker (Nathan Whittaker) – Mr Whittaker is a third time winner

January 2018

First Prize: Lottery number 98 Andrea Knott Second Prize: Lottery number 431 Claire Smith Third Prize: Lottery number 149 Victoria McLean

December 2017

First Prize: Lottery number 72  Sharon Ruscillo  Second Prize: Lottery number 81 Tammy Roberson Third Prize: Lottery number 122 Lynda Stefek

November 2017

First Prize: Lottery number382 Vicci Smith Scott  Second Prize: Lottery number 39 Tina Marsden Third Prize: Lottery number 165 Imuetinyan Ogbonye

October 2017

First Prize: Lottery number 234 Samantha Kelly  Second Prize: Lottery number 30 Zoé Carr Third Prize: Lottery number 175 Linzi Payton

September 2017

First Prize: Lottery number 103 Collette McFall  Second Prize: Lottery number 54 Juliana Mutua Third Prize: Lottery number 195 Helen Hibbert

August 2017

First Prize: Lottery number 139 Martin Emmott Second Prize: Lottery number 270 Pamela Dimelow Third Prize: Lottery number 74 Janet Shepherd

Examples of the contributions the PTFA has made:

  • A £6,000 laser-cutter for the Design and Technology department
  • £300 to allow 220 pupils to take part in a maths national competition
  • 50% contribution towards the new school minibus
  • A state of the art computer that will support the school’s HD technology for the Media Department
  • New tents for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards
  • 2 Industrial dishwashers for the Science Department
  • Mixers and Whisks for the Food Department
  • Drinking water fountains for the children
  • CadCam for the Design & Technology Department
  • Lighting Board for the Drama Department
  • Football, Rugby, Badminton kits and equipment for the PE Department; and much more….
  • £28,000 contribution to the refurbishment of the Sixth form Centre  in 2012.

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