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Christmas Markets

Food & Nutrition

In December we visited Manchester to look at the range of foods at the Christmas markets, visiting the different huts to look at the types of food available – the smells around were amazing and it was so tempting to eat everything we saw as it looked delicious. We also visited a Chinese superstore where it was interesting to see all of the different foods which the Chinese eat.  I bought a variety of Chinese foods to try which I really liked. At the end of the visit we were given a gift bag with some sauces, I cooked with these when I got home. For lunch we went to a food court which offered a wide range of cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Italian, English and many more, I had an Indian meal.  We also went to the fish market where we looked at all of the different fish; some of them very unusual.  It was a very interesting day and very educational, we learned a lot to help us with our GCSE course.

Lewis Martin

Food & Nutrition Activities