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At Crompton House we are very keen to praise and reward our students when they have been engaged in excellent work across all areas of the school life. Vivo Miles is a new and innovative web-based rewards system, which allows teachers to reward students’ points called ‘Vivos’ as recognition when they do well. Vivo also allows parents to login and track their progress and join in with the celebration of their success. There are many opportunities for rewards to be given in school as it is our aim to give praise and encouragement rather than sanctions. Rewards Assemblies take place at the end of every half term and students are given awards based on the number of Vivos they have earned. At certain points in the year there will be raffles and special prizes for certain year groups to maintain enthusiasm, focus and enthusiasm for all students. Students are not only collecting Vivos for their own benefit but also for their house; Ormerod, Crompton, Ridley or Cocker. On the final rewards’ assembly of the year, the overall house winner is announced and its name engraved in the Crompton House Shield.

The ultimate praise is the ‘Headteacher’s Award’ which is granted weekly to students who have produced an exceptional piece of work or have been engaged in outstanding behaviour, or who have just worked conscientiously and diligently over a period of time. This special award qualifies for  Vivo points and has a special notice board where the recipients’ photographs are placed for the rest of the school to see.

If your daughter or son achieves outside the school and in other spheres of activity please let us know so that this too can be recognised and celebrated in one of our newsletters.