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Senior Management & Staff

Meet the people behind the roles at Crompton House School

Meet the Senior Management Team

Crompton House is a highly successful, over-subscribed 11–18 Church of England school situated on the edge of the Pennines, in Oldham, north east of Manchester. It is a high performing school with a strong sense of purpose and tradition.  Progress and achievement are excellent with 76% of our pupils achieving 5 A*-C including English and Maths in 2014.  This was the highest for Oldham state schools.

There are over 200 teaching and support staff at Crompton House School.  As you would expect in a school with an ethos for effective learning in an environment where outstanding behaviour is expected at all times, staff turnover compared to national figures is comparatively low.  However job opportunities do arise every year in a number of departments.  When recruiting new staff we apply a very demanding selection procedure to ensure that only the very best candidates are offered positions.  Those who are fortunate enough to be appointed will enjoy a wide range of benefits from joining the Crompton House Team.  Learning and teaching is at the top of every agenda and all teaching and classroom support staff are involved in the Crompton House Outstanding Teacher Programme that is delivered every Monday afternoon.  New staff induction takes place on Wednesday afternoons to ensure rapid familiarisation with school systems, procedures and policies.  There is a well planned NQT programme and a highly effective support system to ensure successful completion of that vital first year of teaching.  Professional development is embedded within our appraisal system and appropriate funding levels are allocated annually.

In conclusion, Crompton House is a happy and rewarding place to work. We have high expectations and the pace of life is always busy. Our school is based on traditional values, whilst embracing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. We welcome applications from those who feel they have the skills, personality and experience to rise to this challenge.

“Behaviour and safety are outstanding. Students feel very safe within the school and they ensure through their behaviour that the school community is harmonious, aspirational and inclusive. Attitudes to learning are positive and enthusiastic.”

Ofsted 2012

To contact a member of the teaching staff please use the staff email prefix list below followed by
For example to contact A Teacher, send your email to
Members of staff who have the same initial and surname are distinguished by a number following their name.

MissAAHMEDMathematicsClassroom TeacherA.Ahmed
MrsHANWARScienceClassroom TeacherH.Anwar
MrMASHWORTHPhysical EducationClassroom TeacherM.Ashworth
MrTASHWORTHBusiness StudiesClassroom TeacherT.Ashworth
MsBBACONDramaClassroom TeacherB.Bacon
MrJBANKSGeographyClassroom TeacherJ.Banks
MrsHBOOTHScienceClassroom TeacherH.Booth
MrsCBORTHWICKMathematicsCurriculum Team Leader - MathsC.Borthwick
MrJBORTHWICKMathematicsClassroom TeacherJ.Borthwick
MrMBRODERICKTechnologyClassroom TeacherM.Broderick
MrDBROOKSMFLClassroom TeacherD.Brooks
MrKBURNSPhysical EducationClassroom TeacherK.Burns
MrPCLARKICTClassroom TeacherP.Clark
MissHCOLLINSScienceClassroom TeacherH.Collins
MrSCOLLINSMathematicsClassroom TeacherS.Collins
MrSDEANEPhysical EducationClassroom TeacherS.Deane
MrJDOLANArtClassroom TeacherJ.Dolan
MrPDOUGLASGeographyCurriculum Team Leader - HumanitiesP.Douglas
MrsCDUNKERLEYTechnologyClassroom TeacherC.Dunkerley
MrDDUNKLEYScienceAssistant Headteacher / Head of Year 7D.Dunkley
MrsCELPHICKMFLClassroom TeacherC.Elphick
MrRFERNANDEZScienceClassroom TeacherR.Fernandez
MrsKFRANKLINTechnologyClassroom TeacherK.Franklin
MrsAGADSBYMFLClassroom TeacherA.Gadsby
MrDGUNNINGBusiness StudiesClassroom TeacherD.Gunning
MrsLHAMMONDDramaClassroom TeacherL.Hammond
MrAHARDMANGeographyClassroom TeacherA.Hardman
MsSHEGARTYMFLClassroom TeacherS.Hegarty
MrAHEYSScienceCurriculum Team Leader - ScienceA.Heys
MrsKHEYWOODHistoryClassroom TeacherK.Heywood
MissGHOLLINMFLClassroom TeacherG.Hollin
MrAHOLTReligious StudiesDeputy HeadteacherA.Holt
MrsLHOWARTHSocial ScienceHead of Sixth FormL.Howarth
MissNISLAMMathematicsClassroom TeacherN.Islam
MrsSKANEnglishClassroom TeacherS.Kan
MrRKELLYBusiness StudiesClassroom TeacherR.Kelly
DrLKNIGHTScienceClassroom TeacherL.Knight
MrsSKNIGHT-PERCIVALPhysical EducationClassroom TeacherS.Knight-Percival
MrJLEACHArtClassroom TeacherJ.Leach
DrDLEGGETTSocial ScienceClassroom TeacherD.Leggett
MrsELOMASHistoryClassroom TeacherE.Lomas
MrsLLOMASSocial ScienceClassroom TeacherL.Lomas
MissNLYONReligious StudiesClassroom TeacherN.Lyon
DrRMACKEYScienceClassroom TeacherR.Mackey
MrRMAUNDERSICTClassroom TeacherR.Maunders
MrsSMCGINNScienceClassroom TeacherS.Mcginn
MrsKMCIVORMathematicsClassroom TeacherK.Mcivor
MrCMCKILLENMathematicsClassroom TeacherC.Mckillen
MissFMCMAHONPhysical EducationClassroom TeacherF.Mcmahon
MissAMORGANEnglishClassroom TeacherA.Morgan
MrPNEWTONBusiness StudiesClassroom TeacherP.Newton
MrsHNIXONMusicClassroom TeacherH.Nixon
DrEO'BRIENScienceClassroom TeacherE.O'Brien
MrsGOWENSocial ScienceClassroom TeacherG.Owen
MrDPACEYEnglishCurriculum Team Leader - EnglishD.Pacey
DrSPANNELLScienceClassroom TeacherS.Pannell
MissEPEARSONEnglishClassroom TeacherE.Pearson
MrsSRASOOLICTClassroom TeacherS.Rasool
MrCRAYNERDScienceAssistant Headteacher / Head of Year 11C.Raynerd
MsPRIDINGSEnglishClassroom TeacherP.Ridings
MsJRITCHIEEnglishClassroom TeacherJ.Ritchie
MrsVROBINSONHistoryClassroom TeacherV.Robinson
MsERYANHistoryClassroom TeacherE.Ryan
MissHSALEEMEnglishClassroom TeacherH.Saleem
MissKSCOTTEnglishClassroom TeacherK.Scott
MissFSHADSocial ScienceClassroom TeacherF.Shad
MrsSSHALLCROSSTechnologyClassroom TeacherS.Shallcross
MsSSHARIFReligious StudiesClassroom TeacherS.Sharif
MrsPSHAWEnglishClassroom TeacherP.Shaw
MrsSSHEAReligious StudiesClassroom TeacherS.Shea
MissJSKELTONReligious StudiesClassroom TeacherJ.Skelton
MrsASMITHGeographyClassroom TeacherA.Smith
MrsNSMITHMathematicsClassroom TeacherN.Smith
MrRSMITHGeographyClassroom TeacherR.Smith
MrsSSMITHEnglishClassroom TeacherS.Smith2
MrATAYLOREnglishHead of Year 9A.Taylor3
MrJUPTONMathematicsDeputy HeadteacherJ.Upton
MrMURMSTONHistoryClassroom TeacherM.Urmston
DrLWALSHScienceClassroom TeacherL.Walsh
MissKWARBURTONMusicClassroom TeacherK.Warburton
MrsAWARDReligious StudiesClassroom TeacherA.Ward
MrsSWARDSocial ScienceClassroom TeacherS.Ward
MissAWATKINSHistoryHead of Year 8A.Watkins
MrsSWATSONScienceClassroom TeacherS.Watson
MrCWELCHMathematicsClassroom TeacherC.Welch
MrsHWHITTAKERArtCurriculum Team Leader - ArtsH.Whittaker
DrLWHITWORTHScienceClassroom TeacherL.Whitworth
MrIWROEMathematicsClassroom TeacherI.Wroe