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The Hub

Centralised support and care for pupils

Meet the Hub Team

Meet the team who will support and care for you as you study at Crompton House School.

About The Hub

Located in the heart of the school (Milne Block), the Hub is a hive of daily activity and the single point of contact for the support, any child needs at Crompton House School. Its primary purpose is to provide the pastoral care and support for all pupils in school and ensure the continuity of care and support throughout a child’s journey in school.

The Hub brings together the essential support services in one centralised unit, offering a true ‘one stop shop’ experience for pupils. Covering all aspects of support from health and attendance to emotional and academic support, it’s all in one place.  No need to walk around school trying to find the person you need, there’s always someone available in the hub.  No matter what time of day or what you need, you will always find someone who can help.

Pastoral support in the Sixth Form

Whilst our Sixth Form centre has its own pastoral support team via the Academic Tutor system, many Sixth Form students still regularly access support via the Hub on a daily basis, including medical care from Matron, visiting the Inclusion unit or review meetings and of course the attendance monitoring of all pupils is centralised in the Hub.  This continuity of care aids transition throughout the students life in main school, through to Sixth Form and beyond.

What will I find in the Hub?

The Hub is the centre of the schools’ student support services are located in the Hub including:

  • Inclusion Unit
  • Heads of Year
  • Assistant Heads of Year
  • Safeguarding Team
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • The school nurse – Matron
  • Year 11 Common Room
  • Student Ambassadors
Who are Student Ambassadors?

During Year 8, all students take part in our Student Ambassador programme.  The programme is an opportunity for students to experience their first taste of responsibility and develop important personal skills.

All Year 8 students are included on a rota, so that each day 3 students take on the role of Student Ambassador for 1 day in the academic year. Based in the Hub, the Student Ambassadors undertake essential duties providing  an important service for the school including:

  • Showing visitors around the school
  • Taking part in student panels for staff Interview
  • Administrative duties
  • Delivering urgent messages to teaching staff and students
  • Ensuring important paperwork is transferred to where it needs to be
  • Meet and greet for school events
What can I do in the Hub?

Students can access a wide range of services in the Hub via two reception windows on the lower Milne building corridor.

  • Staff are available to help students with registration queries, signing in and out and attendance monitoring.
  • They are also on hand to deal with any correspondence from home to school and letters from parents etc.
  • If students need to contact parents during the daytime, there is a telephone available here.
  • When students are feeling unwell they can find Matron in the Hub or access a First Aider who is always on hand to deal with any minor medical incident.attendance
  • Lost Property is kept in the Hub for a reasonable period of time, so if you have mislaid or lost something, make sure you check in the Hub.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme is administered in the Hub so students wanting to join or those already undertaking the award can speak to staff about how to get involved or what’s going on.
Assistant Heads of Year man this window. Students can talk to the team about any pastoral queries or make appointments to see Heads of Year.heads of house window
The Inclusion team is based in the Hub.  Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are welcomed to attend the hub during unstructured times to participate in extra curricular activities or simply to meet with their friends. Teaching Assistants are on hand to facilitate social support. IMG_0024
What must I do in the Hub?
  • Any student arriving late in school for any reason, missing registration, MUST report to the hub to register on arrival.
  • Any student needing to leave the school site for any reason during the school day, MUST first report to the Hub to sign out and provide evidence of purpose for leaving.

Important – Please ensure your child signs out for appointments with a medical card, absences cannot be authorised without one.

Attendance reporting

If your child is unable to attend school, it is your duty to report this to the school before 10 am on the date of first absence. For your convenience we have provided a number of methods for you to contact the school about your child’s attendance. Parents/Carers should contact the school using one of the following methods.

Parents/Carers may send a text message to the following number:

 07537 416907

leaving the following details:

  • Name of Child
  • Year
  • Reason for absence
  • Date of return
If you are unable to give a date of return we do ask that a daily message is left for safeguarding reasons.
Please note: Some networks charge higher than standard rate message charges for this services (approx 23p per text)
Parents/Carers can leave a message on the attendance line by dialing:
01706 847451     (selecting option 1)
leaving the following details:
  • Name of Child
  • Year
  • Reason for absence
  • Date of return
If you are unable to give a date of return we do ask that a daily message is left for safeguarding reasons.

Please note –
If you need to speak to the Attendance Officer regarding anything other than reporting an
absence please call (01706) 888988 after 2.30pm.
Parents/Carers can send an email to the attendance officer at the following email:

 leaving the following details:

  • Name of Child
  • Year
  • Reason for absence
  • Date of return
If you are unable to give a date of return we do ask that a daily message is left for safeguarding reasons.

Student Hub News

Hub News Spring 2015
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    What students think


    “Having all support in the hub means I don’t have to wander all over school to find the person I need”.


    What students say


    “Support at Crompton House is excellent.  If I’m feeling stressed I know I can always find someone to talk to”

    Don't be Alone

    Feeling lonely, sad, isolated, bullied
    or simply just need to talk?
    There’s always someone who
    wants to listen and support you.

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