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From Year 6 primary school to Year 7 secondary school

Trans to Sec SchoolSince we draw students from many feeder primary schools across Oldham and Rochdale, it is very important to us that students settle quickly into their studies, build meaningful friendships and become active participants in the life of the school. We value the learning and experiences that pupils bring with them.  We use the information received from their primary schools, alongside school visits and parental information, to locate students in the most appropriate form group and class for their ability.  We also listen to the wishes of the pupils and they can also request to be paired with a friend to help them feel less anxious during the transition period.

Prior to attending Crompton House, in the Summer Term, we invite parents and students to attend an information evening and introduce the students to their form tutor.  The Senior Leadership Team, Governors and Tutors are also available throughout the evening to answer any questions you may have.

By arrangement with primary schools, pupils attend Crompton House for two full days in July.  During this time they enjoy fun activities to help them build new friendships and experience lessons delivered by the teachers they will meet in September.   They also complete an on-line Cognitive Ability Test (CAT), which provides us with a standardised baseline indicator and helps to inform setting of students.

In English and Mathematics, we set students according to their Key Stage 2 levels and CAT scores.  We also use this information to agree ability-based sets which will be the same class for humanities (History, Geography, RS, PSHE and Learn to Learn) and performing arts (Music and Drama).  This means that students can build friendships and productive working relationships that remain unchanged for many subjects in Year 7.  We extrapolate information from all prior data to set students into appropriate Science classes.

Subjects, such as Art, Design Technology, Food, and IT, require smaller class sizes for practical and safety reasons.  These subjects are taught in mixed ability groups, and each class will be the same for all four subjects.  In each subject students are given a target grade based on their Year 6 levels and we challenge students to demonstrate rapid progress right from the first week.  As the year progresses we encourage greater dialogue between student and teacher to agree a personalised target; this may be the same as their school target or may be adjusted according to personal circumstances and prior ability.


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