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Year 11 and Year 13 Leavers' Events

Crompton House marks the end of Main School and Sixth Form education with a series of events.  Before the exams start the school says “bon voyage” in a special Leavers’ Assembly, when the pupils are reminded of their joint experiences throughout the time they have been together and the school traditionally “claps out” the leaving year group.  The Years 11 and 13 pupils organise their Valedictory Services, which include readings, prayers and music performed by the pupils in the presence of the Leadership Team, Governors and Tutors.  After the exams the students have their Leavers’ Dinner.  The Year 11 Prom has been held at Rochdale Town Hall for the past four years.  This is one of the finest buildings in the area and has excellent access for the variety of forms of transport from wheelbarrows and space-hoppers to tractors, limousines or classic cars!  The Year 13 Dinner is usually held at a Manchester Hotel.  Many staff attend the dinners to say their goodbyes to the students.

Class of 2014 Year 11 Prom – Rochdale Town Hall