An evening with Brian Cox – by Rachel Milligan

At 7pm on Thursday 8th October a group of Crompton House Sixth-Formers and staff were in the Queen Elizabeth Hall sitting with bated breath as a procession came down the aisle to thunderous applause. Following them was the man we were all there to see, Professor Brian Cox. After a few words from the Principal of Hulme Grammar, Brian Cox ascended the stairs wearing his usual black jacket, and began to speak.

The talk was based on life on other planets – a perfect topic for aspiring astro-physicists; discussing the recent revelations of running water on Mars. Rapt with interest we listened as he talked about how important the human race is – even if our own Galaxy is huge we still may be the only planet with civilised society of living organisms. Therefore it is our duty NOT to destroy ourselves with World War Three, at least not until we have discovered more.

After a brief pre-planned question and answer session, discussing a belief in the Big Bang as well as believing in God and the creation story, he left the stage, leaving behind a resounding sense of awe.

A few more words were spoken by one of the organisers (from the Madhlo centre), thanking Brian Cox for giving Oldham a good name, until the procession departed leaving 1,006 children behind dreaming of life on Mars.

(Photo courtesy of the Oldham Chronicle newspaper)


andromeda_galaxy Brian Cox

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