The Drama curriculum at CHS is designed to inspire and engage all learners in exploring Drama and Theatre. Its ambitious content and high expectations promote thought provoking discussions and develop student’s confidence through pair and group work. Students learn to collaborate with others, think analytically and evaluate effectively. They gain the confidence to pursue their own ideas, reflect and refine their efforts. Whatever the future holds, students of Drama emerge with a toolkit of transferable skills, applicable both in further studies and in the workplace. 


In Key stage three we build the foundations for Drama exploring techniques and skills, as well as developing vital communication and social skills that will transfer across the whole School Curriculum. Students will experience drama as a fun and engaging art form while at the same time building the confidence in standing up and presenting ideas to a class/audience. We use improvisation to develop basic skills of performance, such as mime and voice work. Through the use of story-telling and role-play we explore characterisation both on and off script. 

KEY STAGE 4 & 5 

We continue to ignite students love of learning in Drama, with deeper understanding of Theatre Practitioners and the world of Live Professional Theatre. We practically develop and refine their skills in voice, movement and characterisation and explore how these skills can be communicated through the written exam. We explore the understanding and reasoning of the playwrights’ intentions and how they communicate to the reader and to an audience. We work practically in most lessons, providing many opportunities for performance in lesson and extra-curricular events so that students gain confidence in performing at a high level. We encourage freedom of expression through the creation and refinement of their own devised theatre work. 

In all lessons in Drama students: 

Will have the freedom to be creative. 

Will be encouraged to learn in a safe and creative environment. 

Will always respect the views and opinions of others. 

Are given opportunities to explore and experiment with a variety of techniques and conventions to create, explore, direct and perform drama. 

Impact is measured through a range of formative and summative assessments, as well as regular marking and feedback. When students are working on an assessed unit their work is recorded, verbal feedback is given and this is placed in their TEAMS folder which can be accessed at home so parents can see the progress their child is making at each Key Stage. Should it be required, support is in place to support students especially at KS4 & 5 with regular one to one sessions, lunch time and after school drop in sessions for guidance and support. Our aim is to ensure all students achieve their best at each key stage and to promote a love of learning and determination to succeed in Drama.  

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