ASDAN - PSE Personal and Social Effectiveness

ASDAN’s Personal & Social Effectiveness (PSE) qualifications are designed to enable students to develop 21st century competencies in communication, collaboration and emotional intelligence. The course uses a wide variety of flexible and engaging challenges to empower young people in taking control of their learning, discovering themselves and building respectful and inclusive relationships.

Students working towards a Level 1 or 2 Award in Personal & Social Effectiveness develop their ability to understand and develop themselves and their own performance, work with others in teams and develop and use problem solving skills by completing challenges in some of the following topics:

Students working towards a Level 1 or 2 Certificate in Personal & Social Effectiveness build on the knowledge, skills and attributes developed through the Award by planning, preparing, delivering and evaluating a project linked to one or more of the topics from Units 1, 2 and 3.

Students will have:

–    developed their confidence and motivation so they are able to make positive and informed choices in planning for their future.

–    improved their self-regulation, communication and social skills so that they can interact positively and more effectively with others.

–    developed their independence and know when or where to access support so they are better prepared for adulthood.

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