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Health & Well-Being

Crompton House School keeping your child healthy & safe

At Crompton House school we care about our students and staff and work hard to ensure the health and well being of everyone in the school.  Crompton House is one of the few schools in the Oldham Borough with a dedicated school nurse.

Matron, as she is referred to by staff and students, can be found in the Medical Room alongside the Hub. A registered nurse, Matron is responsible for looking after the health of everyone on site including students, staff and visitors.  Matron is 1 of 5 qualified first aiders at the school and we have a large team of staff also trained in emergency first aid.

Students are welcome to visit Matron throughout the day in the medical room if they are feeling unwell. In order to reduce disruption to lessons, students are asked to inform their class teacher if they are feeling unwell during a lesson before visiting Matron. If feeling unwell between lessons, students should attend their next lesson to register before going to see Matron.

If Matron is unavailable for any reason, students should visit the Hub for assistance or assistance from a qualified First Aider.


The School Nurse - Matron

Mrs L.CaddMatron

My name is Lynn Cadd and I am the Matron at school.  I am a registered nurse, gaining my R.G.N qualifications in 1981.  I have worked at Crompton House School since 1999 and prior to that I worked for the NHS for 21 years, including my training. I care for the students, staff and visitors to the school.  I liaise with parents, staff and outside agencies to help keep the students healthy and happy.

How can I contact Matron?

Parents/carers can contact Matron directly with any concerns or for advice, either by email or  or by telephone on 01706 847451 extension 222.

How can parents inform the school about medical conditions?

During the transition from Primary School parents/carers will be asked to complete a Medical Information Form.  It is important that all conditions are notified so we can be prepared for your children when they arrive in school.  All completed medical forms are processed and held by Matron.  All information supplied is held securely and accessed only by those staff who need it in the care of your child. Parents/carers of children with a medical condition will also be required to complete an Individual Healthcare Plan.

What should students do with medication within school?

Students should not carry medicines with them in school.  All medicines, with the exception of inhalers, should be handed in to either Matron, the Hub or Reception.   It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure that inhalers and any required medication brought in to school is in date.  All medicines should be provided in their original box clearly showing the student’s name, dosage, how often and when they need to take them. Matron can then ensure that all medicines are are stored safely and in the correct environment.

What is an Individual Health Care Plan?

Any child who has a medical condition, however small must complete an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP).  This is a document which gives detailed information about the condition and the care required.  The IHCP form can be downloaded below. Matron maintains Health Care Plans for medical purposes, which are regularly up-dated. The SENCO also maintains Health Care Plans for pupils with a disability.

What should I do if my child has a newly diagnosed medical condition?

If your child has been diagnosed with a new medical condition you should contact Matron to notify her and discuss your child’s care.  If Matron is not available for any reason, you should ask to speak to your child’s Form Tutor, Head of House or Assistant Head of House.
It is important that parents/carers help the school keep its medical records as up to date as possible to ensure the best possible care can be provided for their children.

Should my child come to school if he/she has vomited?

We always ask parents/carers to use common sense and to consider the cause of the vomiting before taking any decision about their child’s absence.  If you are unsure if your child should be in school, please telephone and ask for advice.

To prevent the spread of infection, the school would normally advise that students who have vomited or have diarrhoea due to an illness should not attend school for 48 hrs.

In general terms, if vomiting is accompanied by temperature or diarrhoea then it is likely that this could be passed on to others and students should remain absent for 48 hours to allow the symptoms to pass.  If however the sickness is due to excessive coughing or overindulgence in sweet food, for instance, then it is not likely to pose a risk to other school users and it should be safe to allow your child to attend school as normal.

My child has Asthma, what do I need to know?

It is the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure that inhalers are brought in to school and are in date. Students should carry their inhaler with them at all times. Parents may provide spare inhalers, epi-pens and aero-chambers to the Hub, for the use of their child in the event of an emergency.  The school is also equipped with its own inhalers for use on any child with parental permission, in the event of an emergency. Spare inhalers and Aero Chambers are also available at the school reception.

Parents/Carers must complete an Asthma Consent form to agree to the use of school inhalers.  A copy of the documentation for Asthma can be downloaded below.  Parents/carers can provide information about the symptoms, triggers and signs that an attack is imminent in the Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP).

The school’s Asthma policy is available to downloaded below.

Supporting pupils at school with Asthma, other medical conditions & how we manage Medicines
Download 531.49 KB

Health education

In addition to attending to the medical needs of our staff and students on a daily basis, Matron is an integral part of our health education in school, regularly working with our students to ensure they make the best start in life by equipping them with knowledge to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Yr 8 PSHE – Safety in the home.  How to prevent accidents in the home.  How to put someone into recovery position which could save a life.
  • Year 10 Health and Social Care  – Talk about health issues, such as healthy lifestyles, blood pressure.
  • Year 10 Workskills – CPR and doctors ABC
  • Year 11 – Physical Education students – How to perform CPR
Medical and first aid facilities

Our medical room is fully equipped to provide the basic care people may need whilst at school.  The adjoining facilities room provides bathroom facilities for children who are disabled, including a shower and a hoist.

The school site has first aid stations and defibrillators.

More detailed information for students with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities can be found under Inclusion.

Parents/Carers' responsibilities

It is the parents/carers’ responsibility to provide the school with up to date information about the health of their child so that we can provide the very best care for them whilst they are at school.  Matron can provide advice to parents and signpost to NHS provision where appropriate.

It is important that parents help the school maintain and keep the medical records held at school as up to date as possible to ensure we can provide the best possible care for your child.

Individual Healthcare Plan
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Medical Information
Download 279.11 KB

Asthma Parent Letter
Download 6.90 KB

Asthma Permission
Download 257.04 KB

Asthma Medical Form
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