The intent for the Business Studies curriculum is to underline and promote the importance of how the subject links to the outside world and to understand how businesses develop and grow. The curriculum at both GCSE and A Level allows the individual to gain a wider understanding of what the economy is and how it can impact them. It gives pupils the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of real-life business organisations and also the skills they need to apply for jobs and become successful in the workplace. Our curriculum is designed to introduce learners to the business world by looking at a range of business organisations and the decisions they have to make with regard to Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Business Operations. They will develop the skills needed to enter into the workplace and also the knowledge to be aware of their employment rights within the world of work. We will discuss topics which are headline business news as well those issues which will allow for further discussions on SMSC. We aim to develop the whole person and encourage them to achieve their goals and aspire to become the next future leaders and budding entrepreneurs.
Through carefully planned and thought-out Schemes of Work, pupils will gain the knowledge and understanding needed to achieve the high standards and expectations set within the department. Pupils are encouraged to work hard and achieve their targets. Their progress will be monitored through continued assessment both in the classroom and through timetabled assessments. Lessons will aim to encourage learners to become independent learners, as will taking part in the Young Enterprise Programme or running their own business within school.
Impact is measured through a range of formative and summative assessments, as well as regular marking and feedback. Support will be put in to place when teachers judge that students are not fulfilling their potential. Our aim is to encourage pupils to aspire to achieve the highest possible grade and realise their full potential by consistently monitoring their academic performance.
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