At Crompton House School our curriculum provides students with the opportunity to sing and play high-quality music from a range of cultures and genres, to create music through composition and improvisation and to listen and appraise a range of music. Our curriculum is designed to provide all learners with the knowledge and skills they need to flourish as musicians.

Through carefully planned and sequenced schemes of work, students are taught all key skills and knowledge, with students revisiting prior learning regularly.   Assessment of knowledge, understanding and practical skills will take place regularly and misconceptions addressed.  Our schemes of learning are vertically integrated with singing, instrumental skills, musical knowledge and appraising so that via the constant repetition of familiar concepts with increasing complexity, our students can make links to develop their understanding of how music works. 

Our curriculum follows all statutory requirements to ensure a high-quality Music education.  Impact is measured through a range of formative and summative assessments, as well as regular marking and feedback which adheres to the whole school marking policy. Once a key assessment has been completed, students are provided with a feedback sheet which clearly outlines what went well and what a student’s next steps should be to progress further.  These are then crossed referenced to their Personal Learning Checklist (PLCs) which can be viewed by both students and parents.   

Virtual Summer Concert 

Live Summer Concert 

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