We believe that all students should have access to a science curriculum that provides challenges and opportunities to develop intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually.
We believe that Science education is important for a wide variety of reasons.
For our students, it promotes an understanding of their own body and how to keep healthy; it widens their understanding of the factors that affect the environment in which they live and encourages them to respect the world around them; it promotes curiosity, healthy skepticism and the critical evaluation of evidence; and it provides an insight into our place in the universe.

Through carefully sequenced long and medium term schemes of work, we teach all students Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students might have chosen to study separate Science or combined Science. Each pathway will give learners access to high quality biology, chemistry and physic teaching. The schemes of work have a spiral design for understanding. It’s easier for students to develop an understanding of a big idea by multiple interactions with the concepts within the idea. By connecting smaller ideas to more abstract ideas, students will be better prepared to apply these concepts when approaching an unfamiliar topic.

In addition to preparing some of our students for a career in a scientific field or further scientific education, the study of science provides all of our students with a host of necessary life skills: it promotes personal organization and responsibility; develops literacy and numeracy; develops teamwork, communication and cooperation; and also develops practical, analytical and research skills.

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