Parent Pay

A safe system for online payments to school

Crompton House School is a cashless school which allows both parents and school to experience a more streamlined, cost-effective and efficient payment collection system in a secure and safe environment with a full audit trail.

The online system is used to pay for school meals, school activities, school trips, music fees and music exams.

All parents have a unique username and password, and the finance office can generate a copy of your password letter should you need it. All parents are sent log in details at the start of Year 7. They can also talk you through how to merge your accounts if you have more than one child within school, issue you a direct refund online if needed, and help you with any other queries you may have. Finance can be contacted by email finance@cromptonhouse.org

Each individual student has their own school meals account held on a central system within school. Once a pupil’s account has been credited, he/she will be able to select food items from the dining rooms. There is a set daily limit of £4.20 in main school. This can be increased or decreased for individual pupils upon written request from parents. The daily amount of £4.20 should be enough for students to purchase a lunch, drink and bagel at break.

    • The advantages of our cashless payment system are:
    • Convenience of paying for school meals online
    • Alleviates many of the associated problems with bringing cash in schools, i.e. loss, theft, bullying
    • Discourages the misuse of school dinner money through spending in shops outside of the school grounds
    • Healthy eating is encouraged
    • Queuing times are reduced through increased speed of service
    • Automatic meal allocation allows pupils in receipt of free school meals to be treated the same as all other pupils

Payments for trips and other school activities are recorded in the ‘Identitrip’ system. A printed receipt can be provided if requested which identifies the outstanding balance after each payment.

The Cashless Payment System uses a biometric finger scanner. No fingerprint is ever stored in the system. It is not possible to recreate an image of the original scanned fingerprint from the ‘unique number’ that is stored within the database.

As part of your child’s admissions process we will seek consent for use of the biometric recognition system alongside other activities carried out in school by asking parents to complete our consent form.  

Both the Information Commissioner and the Department for Education have confirmed that they have no data protection concerns as a result of using this technology. The scanner is used by pupils to check the balance on their account and when they are taking a meal from the canteen counter or a drink from the vending machine.

Should parents have any objections to their child being registered using the finger scanner, please inform school before the Borough Transfer Day.

If you do not have access to the internet, we can generate you a Paypoint barcoded letter for any activity, school meals or a trip, which you can then take to any convenience store and supermarket where the Paypoint logo is shown. Each barcoded letter is individual to the student and the payment item to ensure payments are attributed correctly. This can be done by the Finance Office, on finance@cromptonhouse.org

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