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Parent Pay

A safe system for online payments to school

parentpay-logoThe school operates a cashless system for school meals, which means that no cash is accepted at the food counter till point. There are three different options for paying for food and for parents to make other payments to school..

Each individual student has their own school meals account held on a central system within school. Parents/Guardians can credit a pupil’s account in one of the following three ways:

  1. Online through a secure system known as ParentPay, using a debit or credit card.
    All parents are sent log in details at the start of year 7.
    Paying online is our preferred option as it credits your child’s account within the hour and reduces school administration.
  2. By cheque, this can be deposited in one of the cheque payment boxes located near the entrance to the school Learning Zone (L3) or outside the Finance Office (A6).
    Cheques should be made payable to Crompton House School.
    – Please write the full name and form group of your son/daughter on the back of the cheque
    – Please write “school meals” on the back of the cheque so that we know what the payment is for.
    – If the payment is to be shared between two or more pupils, please identify them all on the reverse of the cheque with full name & form groups.
    – Cheques must be deposited by the end of period 1 at the latest in order for pupils’ accounts to be credited before break.
  3. Cash cannot be used to purchase food or drinks directly at the dinner counters. However, should you wish your child to bring cash to school, there is a cash terminal situated outside the school Learning Zone where pupils can deposit dinner money and credit their accounts. (notes only, no coins)
    Cash can also be taken to the finance office, before shool or at break or at lunchtime.

Please note that we feel that this is the least desirable of the three methods as it will reduce a number of the advantages of a cashless system.

Once a pupil’s account has been credited, he/she will be able to select food items from one of the dining rooms. There will be a daily spend limit of £3.90. However this can be increased or decreased for individual pupils upon written request from parents. The daily amount of £4.25 would allow a pupil to purchase a set meal and a piece of fruit plus a juice drink at lunch time plus a bagel at break.

The advantages of our cashless payment system are:

  • Convenience of paying for school meals online
  • Alleviates many of the associated problems with bringing cash in schools, i.e. loss, theft, bullying
  • Discourages the misuse of school dinner money through spending in shops outside of the school grounds
  • Healthy eating is encouraged
  • Queuing times are reduced through increased speed of service
  • Automatic meal allocation allows pupils in receipt of free school meals to be treated exactly the same as all other pupils

Please note that if you wish to pay by ParentPay, this facility is available now and can be used once you are in receipt of your individual user name and password and will ensure that funds will be in your child’s lunch account for the start of the new term. ParentPay can also be used to pay for music fees and trips. If you wish to use this method of payment for items other than school meals, please inform the finance office either by phone on 01706 847451 or by email to

IMG_0478Payments for trips and other school activities are recorded in the ‘Identitrip’ system. If Parentpay is not used for this type of payment, cheques should be taken to the finance office in an envelope clearly identifying your child’s name, year, form and brief trip details. A printed receipt can be provided if requested which identifies the outstanding balance after each payment.

The Cashless Payment System uses a biometric finger scanner. No fingerprint is ever stored in the system. It is not possible to recreate an image of the original scanned fingerprint from the ‘unique number’ that is stored within the database.

Both the Information Commissioner and the Department for Education have confirmed that they have no data protection concerns as a result of using this technology. Payments are also entered manually without using the scanner. The scanner is used by pupils to check the balance on their account and when they are taking a meal from the canteen counter or a drink from the vending machine.

Should parents have any objections to their child being registered using the finger scanner, please inform school before the Borough Transfer Day.