The Economics department intends to equip students with the skills and knowledge base to understand the mechanisms of the national and international Economy. Students will be able to interpret and manipulate economic data, understand how fiscal and monetary policy can be used to steer the economy, and analyse how government can intervene into markets. Students will also be given the opportunity to consider the equity of current distributions of wealth and income and reach their own conclusions.

Carefully sequenced schemes of work allow student to build up an Economist toolkit, giving them the ability to analyse and interpret economic scenarios. Classroom activities are thoroughly planned, successfully merging Economic theory with current Economic policy and Macro Economic conditions. Retrieval practiced and overlearning are used to ensure that students achieve mastery of the knowledge and skills taught. All Economics lessons are taught by qualified specialists in the subject.

Impact is regularly assessed during the course using formative and summative assessment. Knowledge gaps and misunderstandings are identified and corrected, and students receive regular written and verbal feedback allowing them to develop as Economists. The aim is to allow students to reach their full potential and successful navigate the A-Level Economics examination.

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