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Policy Documents

Statuary documents that describe the working principles in action at CHS
policies-3d-transWithin this section you can access the wide range of policy documents that govern the efficient running of Crompton House School. They are categorised under the Governing Body committee responsible for them.

NOTE: These documents are updated on a regular basis so please ensure you have the latest version from this page before seeking information or providing any feedback on what you may read within a policy document.

Admissions & Student Support Policies
Estates Policies
Lettings policy
Download 412.16 KB Posted June 4, 2019

This policy sets out the school's conditions around local community use of its buildings and assets.

    Full Governing Body Policies
    Complaints Policy
    Download 412.16 KB Posted December 12, 2019

    This policy outlines the school's procedure for handling complaints.

      Curriculum Policies
      Careers Education, Information, Advise and Guidance
      Download 334.78 KB Posted December 12, 2019
      Trip Policy
      Download 619.19 KB Posted December 17, 2019

      Guidelines for Educational Visits and Outdoor Education Activities.

      Substance Use and Misuse Policy
      Download 509.01 KB Posted June 15, 2017

      The school's approach to the control of harmful substances and their potential misuse.

      Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy
      Download 425.88 KB Posted July 12, 2019

      Details the provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities at the school.

      Relationships and Sex Education Policy
      Download 473.01 KB Posted November 28, 2018

      This policy details the school's responsibilities around the Christian values of sex and relationship education.

      Minibus Policy
      Download 384.22 KB Posted December 12, 2019

      Details the administration of and responsibilities around the use of the school minibus.

      Marking Policy
      Download 561.83 KB Posted December 2, 2019

      Details the use of marking throughout the learning process to monitor progress.

      Learning and Teaching
      Download 505.98 KB Posted April 5, 2019

      This policy sets out the the core principles on teaching and learning to enable success.

      Language and Literacy Policy
      Download 219.04 KB Posted June 20, 2019

      Details the committment of the school in developing literacy skills to support learning.

      International Policy
      Download 330.14 KB Posted December 12, 2019

      Details how the school aims to raise awareness and celebrate cultural diversity.

      Homework Policy
      Download 350.24 KB Posted May 18, 2018

      This policy sets out how the school uses homework to enhance learning and discipline.

      Healthy Food School Policy
      Download 542.79 KB Posted November 28, 2018

      This policy details the school's commitment to encourage healthy nutritional choices.

      Gifted and Talented Policy
      Download 476.14 KB Posted December 14, 2016

      This policy details the schools commitment to the provision of a challenging curriculum for all students.

      Exam policy
      Download 603.73 KB Posted December 12, 2019

      This policy details how the school plans and manages examinations.

      Curriculum Policy
      Download 672.41 KB Posted November 12, 2019

      This policy details the school's curriculum framework.

      Assessment Policy
      Download 424.39 KB Posted November 28, 2018

      The way we assess and monitor student progress.

        Finance & Executive Policies
        Charging and Remissions Policy
        Download 157.50 KB Posted June 21, 2018

        This policy has been formulated in accordance with the Local Authority’s guidance on: Charging for School Activities.


        Gifts and Hospitality Policy
        Download 294.16 KB Posted March 23, 2016

        This policy details the rules around receiving gifts and hospitality from third parties.

        Freedom of Information Policy
        Download 387.12 KB Posted March 23, 2016

        This policy sets out how the school handles request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

        Data Protection Policy
        Download 508.66 KB Posted July 3, 2019

        This policy details how the school handles and stores data.

          Personnel Policies
          Recruitment and Selection
          Download 1.18 MB Posted June 18, 2015

          Sets out the school's fair recruitment and selection process with a strong emphasis on safeguarding children.

          PE Transport Policy
          Download 89.95 KB Posted November 23, 2018

          Details the arrangements and responsibilities around transporting pupils to sports fixtures.

          Health and Safety Policy
          Download 490.25 KB Posted July 19, 2017

          A statement of the school's policy on health & safety arrangements.

          Equal Opportunities Policy
          Download 2.78 MB Posted February 10, 2017

          This policy details how the school's ethos breaks down barriers to discrimination in all its forms.