Catering Facilities

Five star food and service for students and staff at CHS

Here at Crompton House School, we have a fantastic, spacious dining room in which we welcome both staff and students. We want to ensure our students have access to healthy meals and pride ourselves in providing a first-rate service, with 5-star food.

Our serving times are:

Breakfast Club 8.00am – 8.30am, for those who like to press snooze…

Pancakes, waffles, bagels, sausage and bacon toast or bagels, plain toast and much more! See our menu at the end of this page. 

A few students enjoying their first day at CHS in the dining room: 

And a look at our all-star catering team providing these fantastic, nutritious meals:

Our food is prepared fresh daily on site and well presented to encourage the children to try different foods. We are keen to offer the students a healthy and varied diet, with the bonus of a few home comforts. As much as possible we try to support many different events in school, such as 

  • Jubilee themed menu
  • Valentines Biscuits
  • Football themed sweet treats


A firm favourite amongst the students and staff alike is the annual Christmas Dinner. This is popular with everyone and served by our School Leadership Team.

Payment for school meals

At Crompton House School we are a cashless catering school and use ParentPay. This enables us to deliver a more efficient, faster service over lunchtime and break, whilst simplifying things for the students. All parents have a log in for ParentPay which is provided by the finance team. You can contact them on should you need help logging in.  All students have an automatic overdraft on their account of £4 and their daily limit is set at £6. This daily limit can be adjusted and restricted to either break or lunch. Just drop finance an email to discuss. Any student with no funds on their account will be sent to finance to increase their limit or available balance. This way, finance can let the parent know this has been done and funds are needed. We never let a child go hungry at Crompton House and will always find a solution.

Free school meals

This allowance is added every day to the students account and must be used that day for a lunch. If the allowance is not used, it comes off and goes back on the next day. If you think your child may be eligible for Free School Meals, please apply online by using the following links –



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