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Crompton House School PTFA

Parents, Teachers and Friends Association
Welcome to Crompton House School from the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. Our aims are to provide a means of exchanging views and information concerning your child’s education and to raise funds for the school to enhance the service the school can provide. We aim to raise over £15,000 a year through a variety of events. These include the 500 Club lottery, the Christmas Fair, our annual Spring Ball at the White Hart in Lydgate and a very successful plant sale at the start of the Summer term.
Who are the PTFA?
The PTFA is a group of Parents, Teachers and Friends of Crompton House, who meet regularly and work together for the benefit of the school. You don’t have to have a child currently in school to take part, all friends are welcome.  Our group of volunteers includes past students, new parents and old parents, grandparents, existing and former staff.
What does the PTFA do?
The PTFA organises activities and events providing a vital source of fundraising revenue for the school, helping to  improve the quality of education for your children and their peers.
How can you join the PTFA?
Joining is easy! Parents are automatically members and can attend monthly meetings and vote at the AGM where officers are elected during the first meeting of the autumn term. Simply complete out the joining form, return it to the school office and then pop along to our next meeting. Joining forms are included in our new parent welcome pack or can be downloaded from the link below.  We ask for a small one off membership fee of £2 towards our funds which should be included with your form.
When and where do we meet?
Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday every month of the academic school year and tend to be a mixture of formal procedure and informal discussion.  The meetings normally start at 7.30pm and last for about an hour. Meetings take place in the Sixth Form Centre at the school and last for approximately an hour.  Members of the Governing body and Senior Leadership Team of the School attend the meetings so this is a really good way of meeting and chatting on an informal basis.
Why should you join the PTFA?
Research suggests that taking an active role in your child’s school is vital to their success and joining the PTFA is one way you can help to do this. The PTFA could be one of the simplest ways to help make an essential contribution to the pupils at our school.  Here are just some of the reasons why joining the PTFA will benefit the school and can greatly enhance your child’s educational experience. It’s good for your child.
 Research shows that children whose parents are actively involved in their school often make better progress and are less likely to have disciplinary incidents at school. It’s important to the school.
 In the current economic climate and time of government cuts in public funding the PTFA is a vital source of fundraising revenue. Like many schools, Crompton House relies more and more on parental support to provide the funds for the things that our ever decreasing school budget can’t cover. The PTFA is responsible for much of the school’s fundraising revenue. Stay informed and get connected.
 Be one of the first to hear about important decisions and school plans.  Members of the Governing body and Senior Leadership Team of the School attend the meetings so it’s a really good way of meeting and chatting on an informal basis. So, there’s no better way to know what’s going on in the school than to be on the PTFA. Have a voice
 Make your opinions count. Joining the PTFA is a great opportunity to share your ideas and help us make a real difference at Crompton House. Networking
 The PTFA is a great opportunity to meet other parents just like yourself. Become part of a committed group who share a common goal to improving our school for our children. Make a difference.
 Members of the PTFA are volunteers giving their time and energy freely.  Joining the PTFA will allow you to use your skills, talents and experience for a very worthy cause – namely creating the best possible learning environment for our children to develop and grow as individuals. Have fun.
 Getting together with like-minded parents, staff, and friends.  You will get to be part of the planning and organisation of fun events for the whole family to enjoy. Be a positive role model.
 By taking part in the PTFA you are showing your children that their education is important to you. When they see you take a stand to make education better for them and their peers, the chances are they’ll do the same.
Who can join?
We understand that life can be hectic and appreciate that time is precious, but joining the PTFA needn’t be a demanding task. Anyone can join, you don’t need to sign up for a formal role on the committee to take part – There are lots of small ways you can help and get involved.  So even if you only have a limited amount of time to spare, you can still make a valued contribution. Come along to our next meeting and see for yourself or simply contact us with any fundraising ideas you may have.  We need every parent’s help in making Crompton House the best it can be so we ask you to please support any of our fundraising projects.
How can you help?
We are a thriving PTFA, but this is only because of the efforts of parents.  You can help in a variety of ways – by attending the monthly meetings, assisting at parents evenings and school functions, supporting the draws, fairs and other PTFA events or becoming an officer of the association.

So, why not get involved– after all it’s your PTFA?

Join us today!


PTFA Membership Form


Club 500 Membership Form




Reservation Form – Lucky 13 Spring Ball

500 Club Monthly Draw

Are you this month’s Winner?

1st Prize Winner
APRIL – Sarah Morrisey (Anäis)
MAY  – Darren Whittaker (Max)

JULY  – Rose Chiza

AUGUST – Sally Creevy

SEPTEMBER –   Dawn Harewood

OCTOBER – John Tudor

NOVEMBER – Karen Housley

DECEMBER – Andrew Clarke

JANUARY – Karen Crossman (Ruby)

FEBRUARY – Mark Wood (Jordan)

2nd prize winner
APRIL –  Andrew Clarke (Laura)

MAY –  Helen Buckley (Evie)

JULY – Janet Shepherd

AUGUST – Vikki English

SEPTEMBER – Tina Astley


NOVEMBER – Jackie Wood

DECEMBER – Dawn Bough

JANUARY – Darren Whittaker (Max)

FEBRUARY – Nicola Irvine (Holly)

3rd prize winner
APRIL – Andrea Leach (Lydia) – Mrs Leach also won in 2012
MAY – Mark Gerrard (Matilda)

JULY – Donna Travis

AUGUST – Lisa Marsden

SEPTEMBER – Nicola Smith

OCTOBER – Liane Robinson

NOVEMBER – Jayne Buckley

DECEMBER – Joanne Hayes

JANUARY – Jill Taylor (Lucas)

FEBRUARY – Liane Robinson (Ben)

PTFA Minutes 2015-2018
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PTFA Minutes Archive
Jul 2015 PTFA Minutes
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Jun 2015 PTFA Minutes
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May 2015 PTFA Minutes
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Mar 2015 PTFA Minutes
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July 2012 PTFA Minutes
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    Meet The PTFA team

    Thanks to the dedication and hard work of its members, the PTFA has funded or contributed to some major projects at the school over the years. Here is a list of some of the projects funded which enhance the educational experience of all children in the school.
    • Much needed maintenance of the school’s piano
    • New lighting for drama studio benefiting students using both the studio & the hall plus those undertaking drama technical qualifications.
    • New lockers
    • Heavy duty snow plough/salt spreader (which is already paying for itself!) to enable the school to open and operate safely.
    • A new lighting board and monitor (for the drama department)
    • 13 tents for the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme
    • Football kits (for the PE department)
    • A drinking fountain
    • Hand-mixers (for the Food department)
    • 2 industrial dishwashers (for the Science department) and much more.
    • Donated £28,000 towards the cost of refurbishment of our 6th Form Centre
    • Gifts for recipients of the Headteacher’s awards  – mini lion key rings
    • £1,200 for Defibrillator
    • Gifts for recipients of the Headteacher’s awards
    • Fridge and aprons for the Food department
    • 2 industrial dishwashers for the science department
    • Netball kits
    • Table magician for the Year 11 and 13 Leavers’ dinner
    • 3 Raspberry Pi computers with their own screen and keyboard for the Learning Zone
    • Half the cost of the new school minibus
    • Benches and canopies
    • New tables for the 6th Form Centre
    • Lockers for the music room to store away the pupils’ precious instruments
    • Transport for Sports teams who attend national championships including Girls Water Polo team to the nationals that they ended up winning
    • Water-polo helmets and shirts for our national championship winning team
    • New team strip for the new girls Football team
    • Guitar stands for the music department to keep the instruments safe and protected
    • Gift of key-rings and pens to recognise the achievements of pupils receiving the Headteachers Award
    • Display cloth and pop up stands to showcase our school at prize giving and other events
    • Watch this space for more 2015
        Figures for amounts raised over the years
    Wish list of projects working towards funding

    Got a great fund raising idea?

    If you have a great idea for raising additional funds then we want to hear from you!

    Get in touch...

    Examples of the contributions the PTFA has made:

    • A state of the art computer that will support the school’s HD technology for the Media Department
    • New tents for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards
    • 2 Industrial dishwashers for the Science Department, a sublimation printer for the DT department
    • Mixers and Whisks for the Food Department; Drinking water fountains for the children
    • Lighting Board for the Drama Department; digital camera and accessories for the Multimedia department
    • Football, Rugby, Badminton kits and accessories forthe PE Department; and much more….
    • Contribution to the Sixth form Centre’s refurbishment, In June 2012 we donated £28,000 towards phase 1 of the project.
    • A quad bike/snow plough for the site team to keep the school safe.
    • Picnic benches so students can enjoy the outdoor space at lunch and break times.
    • £5,000 towards a new Year 11 Common Room; £4,000 towards refurbishment of a science lab