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homeworkHomework is a valuable aspect of the curriculum to reinforce, extend and enrich the learning taking place in the lesson.  The amount of homework that each subject should set is regulated; staff and students are given a personalised homework timetable that explains when homework should be set and ensuring that there is an even spread of homework across the two-week timetable.

If students have any difficulty completing their homework it is their responsibility to meet or email their teacher and ask for help and guidance.  To help students keep track of their homework they are provided with learning planners.  Students should record the homework and when it is due.  There is a box to tick off completed homework and parents have to sign the diary each week to show they are also checking that the student is on task and completing work to a satisfactory standard. There is also a comment box to facilitate communication between parents and the school. It is the role of the Form Tutor to check students’ diaries are being used properly and whether parents are signing it every week.

Additional subject specific homework information and how parents or carers can help, can be found within all of the subject pages.