CHS Summer Reading Challenge 2021!

The summer holidays are almost here! Crompton House School has launched its 2021 Summer Reading Challenge for Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 via our online E and Audio Book Library Sora. The themes are Change, Race and Equality, Love and Relationships and Conflict, Religion and War.

You can check out the challenges here.

Reading for pleasure is so important, it can take us on journeys to magical places and is great for our mental health and wellbeing. At Crompton House School, we are lucky to be able to offer our students a great online E and Audio book app named Sora enabling them to access over 2000 books online 24/7. Find out more about Sora here.

All CHS students can access a whole range of great titles on Sora now and throughout the summer holidays. Details of how to activate your Sora account can be found within the activity booklets.

Let’s get CHS Reading for Pleasure!!

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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