Emily’s Springtime Vlog

Springtime Stars

This spring term has provided an array of talent from the students both in main school and sixth form!

February provided us with the terrifyingly brilliant production Little Shop Of Horrors directed by the fabulous Mrs Bacon with aid from Mrs Hammond as co-director and Mrs Harvey on lighting and sound. The musical brought forward the talents of Xander Lang-Whiston as Seymour, the creator of Audrey II and Megan Fielding as Audrey, Seymour’s sweet heart. With the voice of Laurence Kinsella as Audrey II, Alex Travis, who had us all in stitches at his hilarious performance of the Dentist, and Darcey McCoy, Alex Robinson and Dominie Smith-Scott as Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon.


The music was provided by our very own as well. The pit band was comprised 12 talented musicians, conducted by the brilliant Mrs Nixon, with some members switching between multiple instruments. I only switched between the alto and tenor saxophone and that was enough for me, but applause to Rhinnon Ogden- Jones, for switching seamlessly from barri sax, clarinet and bass clarinet (sometimes all in one piece!), and Joe of year 8, for managing his army of percussion, even when feeling under the weather he trooped on.



Also in this half term a mass choir made up of students from year 7 to 13 went to the Huddersfield to perform “The Circle of Life”, from Lion King, and “Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat”, from Guys and Dolls at the Mrs Sunderland Music Festival. We all had great fun and earned applause from the audience just for the sheer number of students we had as well as our energetic performance.


Finally, to wrap up the term we had the spring concert which was a success. We relived some of the favourite musical numbers from this term along with pieces from the Senior Wind Band, Brass Band, Guitars and Junior Wind Band.  All the musicians have worked hard this term and I hope this continues at Crompton House for years to come.


For me and the rest of year 13, it was the last communion and rewards assembly at Crompton. It is strange to think I am leaving after 7 years at the school but it has left me with some amazing memories. The communion, again, showed off the musical talents of the school with a band and choir to accompany the hymns. Well done to Courtney Hitchen for winning the Highest Vivos award and the runners up George Borthwick and Jack Mackie, better luck next time boys.

EW 5j

Overall all a very productive term but now it is onwards and upwards for now for us. Good luck to my fellow sixth formers, I know you will keep working to get the grades we deserve. Good luck also to the Year 11 for GCSE’s. I hope you all get the grades you need for your next chapter in life.

Emily Wong Year 13

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