Epilepsy Week Award for Crompton House

This week in assembly Jayne Martin of Epilepsy Action presented the school with an award for how we have supported Year 11 pupil, Victoria Slater.

The report below is taken from their facebook page:

Crompton House C of E School, Oldham has won an Epilepsy Action Edwards award. The award was because of the support it gives to student Victoria, aged fifteen, who has epilepsy. Victoria, who is currently in year eleven, has been at the school for five years. Her epilepsy means that she can have up to ten seizures a day.

Victoria has focal and absence seizures. These alter her speech and behaviour and can make her drop to the ground. After a seizure, Victoria usually needs to rest. Staff at Crompton House support Victoria during a seizure, and allow her time to recover in a quiet place. This means that Victoria rarely has to go home because of a seizure.

Every member of staff at the school has received epilepsy awareness and first aid training from an epilepsy specialist nurse. The school has a matron who is a registered general nurse. All of the staff have worked together with Victoria’s family to provide the best support possible. Victoria has a written individual healthcare plan that has been shared with all of her teachers.

Crompton House has made sure that Victoria has been fully included in every aspect of school life. A member of Victoria’s support staff even accompanied her on her work experience placement so that she did not miss out on this opportunity. Members of the support staff are also planning to be at Victoria’s upcoming prom so that she can attend safely. Victoria has been happy and safe at Crompton House C of E School. As a result, she has been able to grow in confidence and educationally thrive.

‪Lisa Slater, Victoria’s mum, wrote “ Crompton house school have been amazing. She has never missed out on a day trip, work experience, or even her prom. The school make sure even doing her GCSE exams they put Toria first in offering them to come to the house to do her exams if having bad days.  The children have also been amazing nearly every child knows Toria and what support to get her. ‪This school staff and children, even the lollipop man has helped they are fabulous.

Mr Newell, Headteacher, says “We are delighted to receive this award. Lynn Cadd, our Matron, has led the whole school in supporting Victoria. Not just the staff, but the pupils as well, as these have often been nearest to Victoria when help has been needed. There has never been any panic, just support. We are very proud of Victoria, and also proud of the pupils who have been supported her.

The pictures are courtesy of Epilepsy Action.  They include Jayne Martin from Epilepsy Action, Mrs Cadd (Matron), Mrs Newell (CHS SENCO), Victoria, her Mum, and her Grandad.

More about the the Epilepsy Action Edwards Award.

“Our Edwards awards programme rewards those educational establishments in the UK who can provide evidence of best practice in supporting learning for those with epilepsy. We hope to encourage nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to adopt a person-centred approach to learning. We want pupils with epilepsy to grow in confidence, feel part of their community and be effectively supported to reach their potential.

A total of 10 nurseries, schools and colleges across the UK will be presented with an award during National Epilepsy Week (17-23 May). They are all doing great things to support children and students with epilepsy throughout their education.”

For more information about Epilepsy Action click here.

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