Fantastic results for our Year 11s

Crompton House Year 11 students have once again achieved an outstanding set of exam results, with 26% of all grades at 7-9, 67% of all grades at 5-9 and 83% of all grades at 4-9.

The majority of Year 11 students will be coming back to Crompton House to continue their studies at sixth form, and we look forward to welcoming them back in September. We also wish the best of luck to those students continuing their studies and apprenticeships elsewhere.

Top achievers and those who progressed most at Crompton House include Danica Niala 9999999988, Zara Rustidge 9999999886, Robyn Matthews 9999998876, Anya Ferguson 9999998887, Ellie Barnes 9999988776, Amy Jakeman 9999988887, Madeleine Bamford 9999888887, Benjamin O’Callaghan 9999888877, Harry Wainwright 999988877, Amy Mitchell 9998888877, Isabella Coop 9998888777, Hannah McPartland 9998888766, Daniel Hibbert 9988888888, Bethany Goldthorpe 9988887777, Isobel Gee 9988888776, Jacob Moorhouse 9888877776, Hannah Bailey 9887777766, Owen Holdaway 9888777665, Evie Buckley 9887765555, Freddie Meaden 9777766655, Holly Schofield 8888888877, Tom Clancy 8888777666, Katie Bissett 8887777666, Max Renfrew 8888877777, Charlotte Kapinga 8866665554, Osayande Uwadia 777766665, Anna Killeen 877776665, Tom Mellor 7666555554, Hannah Baugh.

Mr. Karl Newell, Headteacher of Crompton House, made the following comment ‘I am very pleased to congratulate our Year 11 students for their excellent GCSE results. It was expected that the overall results would be lower than in the last two years, when grades were based entirely on teacher assessments. But they were predicted to be higher than in 2019, the last year exams were taken before the pandemic. It is therefore, extremely, pleasing to report that Crompton House School appears to have bucked the anticipated national trend and has achieved results very similar to 2021, with over 80% of pupils achieving a grade 4 or above in both English and Maths. The vast majority of subjects show a greater level of attainment compared to 2019 figures and some exceed what they achieved in 2021. Overall, a very positive picture so far and lots to celebrate! We are looking forward to seeing many of our students return to Crompton House Sixth Form in September and to hearing how others have been successful in gaining places on various college courses.’

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