Jeans for Genes September 2017

On Friday 24th September the pupils and staff of Crompton House School swapped their school trousers and skirts for jeans to show their support for Jeans for Genes, and raise awareness and funds for Genetic Disorders UK

The sixth formers of the school organised a Cake Competition with the Year 7 forms competing against each other for who could make the most cakes for the Jeans for Genes Cake Sale.

As the photos show there were hundreds of cakes brought into school, and over £1,000 was raised from the cake sale and other donations.

Many pupils and staff took part, including all the leadership team, following the guidelines of normal school uniform except for jeans.

Mr Karl Newell, Headteacher, said “Our first charity event of the school year was a great success. The Jeans for Genes campaign caught the imagination of the pupils and staff and it was really pleasing to see so many pupils and staff taking part. The response of the Year 7 pupils was terrific, we have never seen so many fantastic cakes and everyone enjoyed eating them at lunchtime. The new Year 7 pupils have settled in very quickly and they have really enjoyed working with the older pupils in the school to raise funds for such a good cause. Earlier this term the sixth form assembly and charity teams presented assemblies to the whole school to raise awareness about genetic disorders.”

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