Oliver performed by Years 7 & 8

The Musical “Oliver” was performed twice at the end of June by pupils from Years 7 and 8, and it was fantastic!  Over 100 pupils spent many hours after school and at weekends in rehearsal to ensure the show was a success, and their efforts were very worthwhile. One of the aims of the Lower School musicals is to harness the talent and enthusiasm of the younger pupils in the school, and then build on this for the major productions in the future which generally feature the older pupils of the school. Following on from last year’s production of “Joseph of his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”, Mrs Nixon, Miss Warburton, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Bacon and Mrs Harvey put in a lot of time and energy in preparing the pupils for “Oliver”.

The musical accompaniment was also ably provided by pupils from Years 7 and 8, aided by older pupils where necessary.

Both performances were of a very high standard and were enjoyed hugely by the audiences packed in the school hall.

Many congratulations to all the pupils and staff involved, and many thanks to the parents who helped with the refreshments.

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