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This page is specifically for Parents and Carers to access all web portals
Parents and Carers – this page is for you! Use this page to get quick and convenient access to the various web portals you may wish to access from time to time.

There is a frequently asked question section listed below where answers and guidance to common questions can be found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and Carers often have questions and concerns around the day to day activities and procedures governing their child at school. This section attempts to list out the information we feel that new Parents and Carers in particular will need to know. The majority of the information is actually present in the major sections of the website and where applicable links have been provided to point you to more information where available. Should you not find the answer to your question here or in other parts of the website please get in touch. Please use one of the methods provided to you as outlined on the Contact Us page. Where you will also find our location map along with a directions finder facility.

The following sections contain answers to the most commonly asked questions and includes general advice for Parents and Carers.
What happens about adverse weather conditions?
Very occasionally, during the winter months, we are caught unawares by very bad blizzard conditions. This page explains the school’s position if and when such circumstances occur. The Governors position is that we will stay open unless the weather is so bad that it could lead to buses being cancelled and hence pupils being prevented from getting home. Accordingly school will consult with the Met Office and will make decisions about closing the school contingent upon their advice.

If a decision is to be made to close the school we will speak with the bus companies in order to arrange for buses to arrive early. In our recent experience the only service that usually can be rescheduled is the Yelloways / Courtesy bus No 88 However, our experience has been that the other buses cannot be rescheduled and accordingly we would ask all parents whose children catch these to make their own contingency plans should we have to close early and that bus being unavailable. In the event that our school has to close and there are difficulties with pupils being unable to get home we would keep them at school under our supervision until a parent was able to come and collect them, under no circumstances would pupils be turned out.

If weather conditions are expected to be problematic over a period of time and school is forced to remain closed, a telephone message explaining the situation will be placed on the school telephone system. Text and email communication will be made via ParentMail and up-to-date information will be available on the school website and twitter account. You can read our tweets without becoming a follower, just go to!/chsupdates At the end of a period of closure similar messages will be given to notify of reopening arrangements. In the past local radio stations have broadcast details of school closures and we hope this will continue.

Should you have any concerns regarding the safety of your daughter or son making the journey to or from school then please make your own decisions with their welfare uppermost in your mind.

Where can pupils wear coats at school?
Coats may be worn outside at school, but pupils must take them off and put their coat in a bag, a locker or on a coat hook as soon as pupils enter a building. Pupils are not allowed to wear them in corridors or classrooms or hang them on the back of a chair.

The uniform list states that coats must be sensible. Denim jackets, hoodies or jumpers worn as coats are not acceptable.

Pupils can bring umbrellas to school, but they need to kept in a locker or bag during the day.

Behaviour in Corridors

To reduce congestion everyone must walk on the left.  Students queueing on a corridor for start of lesson must queue in single file and against the nearest wall.

What drinks can pupils bring to school?

Fizzy drinks are not allowed in school. Water is the only drink that can be drunk in lessons, but not in laboratories or workshops.  Bottle flipping is not allowed anywhere inside or outside the buildings.

Dropping off pupils before school

If parents have to drop children off at school they must do this safely.

They should pull into the bus bays rather drop their child off at the kerb, or whilst in traffic stopped by the lollipop person, as this is dangerous to pupils and other road users.

Car Parking

The school works closely with the police and the traffic officers to maintain safety for all children and others round the school and your co-operation is essential:

  • No waiting is allowed outside the school between 8:00am and 6:00pm. Do not wait or park here during these times.
  • If you have to drop children off do not double park as this causes danger and congestion.
  • During evening functions do not double park along the roadway and respect the people that live around the school by not obstructing their driveways.
  • Try to minimise your journeys so that there is less pollution in the environment.
Enrichment or Extra-curricular activities
The school offers many sporting, academic and cultural activities at lunch-time and after normal school hours. Our pupils have every opportunity to participate in the widest possible range of pursuits to enrich their school experience and make full use of their talents. These are advertised on school notice boards, and many are open to Year 7 pupils. Please visit the web section on Enrichment to learn more.
Form Tutor
When pupils begin their educational career at Crompton House School they are placed in the care of a form tutor who is responsible for supervising their progress and welfare. Pupils see their form tutor most days. The form tutor is the first point of contact for parents who need to discuss problems concerning their child. However, Mrs Harvey (Transition Lead) is available should the need arise during the initial settling in period. There are fuller explanations of the House System and Form Tutors here.
Gifted & Talented
Gifted and Talented Initiative – Mr. J. Banks

In order to ensure that we provide support for the all-round learner, it is helpful if we are aware of the many talents and achievements that take place outside school. We are interested to hear about any exceptional achievements accomplished by your son/daughter outside school. Pupils are frequently hesitant about appearing to boast, and as a result can be reticent about their achievements.

Consider achievements in the following fields:

  • Any type of sport, self-defence, climbing/walking etc, from a hobby to representing the Borough or even the country
  • Creative skills: Music (instrumental or singing) or Art
  • Dance, Drama or Public speaking
  • Academic abilities (Maths, Science, English, ICT)
  • Other skills that appear in advance of pupils their age
  • Has your child won a big competition
  • Are they members of any organisations and clubs (e.g. St John’s ambulance)
  • Have they demonstrated above average leadership ability in any context
Making Payments - ParentPay - Identitrip
The school operates a cashless system for school meals, which means that no cash is accepted at the food counter till point. There are three different options for paying for food and purchases at school. Payments can be by ParentPay, Cheque or Cash deposits into ParentPay terminal within School. Full details of the ParentPay process is detailed here.

Payments for trips and other school activities are recorded in the ‘Identitrip’ system. If Parentpay is not used for this type of payment, cheques or cash should be taken to the finance office in an envelope clearly identifying your child’s name, year, form and brief trip details. A printed receipt can be provided if requested which identifies the outstanding balance after each payment.

The Cashless Payment System and the ‘Identitrip’ system both use a biometric finger scanner. No fingerprint is ever stored in the system. It is not possible to recreate an image of the original scanned fingerprint from the ‘unique number’ that is stored within the database.

Both the Information Commissioner and the Department for Education have confirmed that they have no data protection concerns as a result of using this technology. Payments can also be entered manually without using the finger scanner. Should parents have any objections to their child being registered using the finger scanner, please inform school before the Borough Transfer Day.

Parents, Teachers & Friends Association
The PTFA aims are to provide a means of exchanging views and information concerning your child’s education and to raise funds for the school to enhance the service the school can provide.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month and tend to be a mixture of formal procedure and informal discussion. The PTFA has its own section on the school website where details of all fund rasing activities, how to get involved and minutes of the meetings can be downloaded. We aim to raise over £15,000 a year through a variety of school and PTFA events. These include a very successful plant sale at the start of the Summer term, an annual Spring Ball at the White Hart in Lydgate, a Christmas Fair and Draw.

One of our most successful fund-raisers is the ‘500 Club’, which runs with cash prizes up to £60 each month. Many parents find this a good way to support the PTFA on a regular basis, with the added bonus of possibly winning £60.

Personal Possessions

The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal equipment. Parents may wish to check that their home insurance covers possible loss of items of clothing at school. A small additional premium will very often provide such cover. Every effort is of course made to ensure the safety of personal possessions. Some lockers are available and these are allocated by the form tutor at the beginning of the year. Items of school property which are lost or vandalised must of course be replaced.

More information about Personal Possesions can be found here.

Physical Education, Clothing & Equipment
Physical Education is part of the curriculum in all years. There are a full range of extra-curricular activities to support lessons. These include practices, clubs and fixtures on a regular basis. Physical Education plays an important part in school life and we present a wide range of activities. These include soccer, netball, gymnastics, dance, swimming, badminton, basketball, rounders, hockey, squash, tennis, cricket, trampolining, volley ball and rugby league.

Every child is expected to take part in timetabled PE lessons and anyone not taking part for medical or other reasons is expected to bring a note from a parent or doctor to excuse them, this should be shown to their Head of House or a member of the PE staff. Finally, if there are any special circumstances affecting your child’s participation in physical education, would you please inform school.

More information about PE kit requirements can be found here.

Religious Studies
All pupils in main school study RS and it would be appreciated if pupils had their own copy of the Bible, preferably the Good News version which is the one used in school. This would be an asset to them especially with regard to homework assignments.
More information around Religious Studies can be found here.
School Trips
Parents frequently tell us about the value of school trips to the education and personal development of young people, but they require a major amount of planning and attention to detail by those in charge, and a familiarity with the laws and regulations that govern such activities.

At Crompton House we have enriched our curriculum through a variety of well-planned and regulated day and residential trips. A great many trips take place every year and we try to manage the timing of them to ensure that they have minimum impact upon examination groups at key points during the school year.

In order to maintain our high level of trips without impacting on learning too severely, we ask parents and guardians of pupils to volunteer to act as supporting supervisors for trips on a voluntary basis. Volunteers have to be CRB checked. Unfortunately due to regulations, parents/guardians cannot volunteer to supervise a trip that their son or daughter was going on.

If you would be prepared to act as a supporting volunteer trip supervisor, please contact the school office. We will of course contact parents to check their availability well in advance of a planned trip. We very much hope that you will be able to support school in our desire to continue to enrich learning through off-site experiences.

More information around School Trips, Overseas trips and Expeditions can be found here.

School Timings
The school timetable is explained in detail on this web page. Pupils are allowed to come into school and have breakfast or chat with friends in the dining room from 8.00 am onwards and are supervised by a member of staff. They are not allowed into other parts of the school as we cannot supervise other areas. This is in operation throughout the year. Sports practices and Music rehearsal time for choirs, orchestras and ensembles begins at 8.30 am.
Uniform & Appearance
At Crompton House we always expect our pupils to wear full school uniform and maintain the highest possible standards of dress. Uniform regulations are listed on this web page, please read them carefully to avoid potential problems. If an item of clothing is not listed, it is not considered to be school uniform.
The following sections contain answers to the most commonly asked questions
Can pupils bring mobile phones to school?
Yes, but they must be switched off and kept in an inside pocket from when the pupil enters the school site until the end of school.
If these rules are broken the phone is confiscated and locked in a safe for 7 days and nights, including the weekend. Parents are informed by text if this happens.
Can pupils bring Smart Watches to school?
Watches that allow access to the internet are not allowed in school under any circumstances. They will be confiscated and kept in a school safe for 7 days and nights, including the weekend.
What about other electrical items?
The rules for ipods, tablets and cameras are the same as for phones, see above. Other electrical items such as hair-straighteners, chargers etc. are not allowed in school. Cameras are only returned once any photos taken in school are removed.
Can I watch my child play in a match at school?
Parents are not allowed on the school site before 3.40 pm, and must not drive on to the site before 3.50 pm.

We will try not to arrange matches to start before 3.40pm, but if the team comes from outside the local area this may not be possible.

This also applies to primary school matches on our pitch.

Collecting pupils at the end of the day.

If parents have to collect children at the end of the day they must do this safely.

Waiting anywhere outside school on Rochdale Road creates congestion for other road users and makes the road more dangerous.

Parking on The Orchards creates congestion for buses which have to use this road to turn round in.
If parents wait on residential roads near the school, they must obey parking laws and be considerate to our neighbours.
I have questions about attendance and absence
It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their children receive full-time education and the local authority may take action against parents who fail to carry out their responsibility. Irregular attendance undermines the educational process, reduces inclusion and leads to educational disadvantage. We appreciate that there will be occasions when a child will not be able to attend school, eg because of illness or an unavoidable medical appointment. However, the following are examples of unacceptable reasons for absence from school at any time during term time:
  • Holidays
  • Getting up late
  • Shopping
  • Looking after family or house
  • Birthdays and weddings
  • Looking after brothers or sisters
When a pupil is absent for a reason known in advance
  1. A letter/appointmnet card must be brought in to explain to the attendance officer the reason for and the duration of the absence. This will be amended centrally.
  2. Where an absence is for only part of a session the pupil must sign out at the student hub before leaving school and/or sign in when returning. In each case a letter explaining the whereabouts of the pupil is required.
  3. We ask parents to make non-urgent appointments such as dental check-ups outside school hours or in the holidays where possible.
  4. Pupils attending rehearsals and practices during registration must register in the group that they attend.
When a pupil is absent for a reason not known in advance
  1. A parent or guardian must ring before 10.30am to inform the school of the absence on the first morning. (01706 847451 option1)
  2. If school is not informed the Attendance/Welfare Officer will ring/text the parent or guardian to establish the reason for non-attendance.
  3. When the pupil returns to school he/she must bring a note explaining the reason for and the duration of the absence.
  4. Point 3 still applies if Matron has sent the pupil home at the beginning of the period of absence.
  5. If no note is presented within this time a letter/text/call asking for an explanation will be sent.
  6. If there is still no satisfactory explanation forthcoming the Attendance/Welfare Officer will contact parents to elicit an explanation and take follow up action as appropriate. i.e. A home visit may be conducted within 3-5 days of a child being absent, a safeguarding check will be made and work given to the child if required.
Holiday absence requests

It is our firm belief that, apart from under exceptional circumstances, holidays should not be taken in school time. Whilst we appreciate that holidays booked during term time are cheaper, this is not a valid reason for  an absence request.

From 1 September 2013, the new law gives no entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday in term time. It makes it clear that Headteachers may not grant any holidays or other absences during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Unauthorised absence may lead to a Penalty Notice being issued by the Local Authority.

Parents will need to send an Absence During Term Time request form to the Headteacher 6 weeks before the absence is due to take place. This will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Forms can be obtained from the student hub and returned via the student hub.

The Headteacher will inform parents of their decision in writing within one working week of the request. Permission will not be granted if the proposed holiday takes place during an examination period or when the whole school communion services take place.

Holidays taken without permission will be recorded as unauthorised absence.

When a pupil is late for school
  1.  When a pupil misses registration, for whatever reason, he/she must report to the student hub to sign in.
  2. When a pupil is not recorded as being present or late in school after the register closes at 9.10am, then this will be recorded as unauthorised. In all circumstances an explanation must be made. This means that this will be counted as a session lost. 10 unauthorised sessions lost per term will result in a fixed penalty notice.
  3. When a pupil is late, entering school after 8.40 am, a lunchtime detention of 30 minutes will be given. When a pupil is in receipt of 3 lates he/she will be given a 1 hour detention held after school..
  4. Persistent offenders will be supplemented by half hour lunchtime detentions.
When a pupil has truanted
  1. The Head of House and the Attendance/Welfare Officer will keep each other informed.
  2. Parents will be contacted and invited into school to discuss the problem.
  3. The pupil involved will usually be placed in school detention.
  4. The pupil will be monitored and if he/she fails to attend school, parents will be contacted immediately.
Monitoring Progress
At Crompton House we operate a system which monitors each pupil’s progress throughout their school career. It allows us to check performance and match it to our expectations of the individual pupil so that we can provide support, help and guidance where necessary, and congratulate and encourage pupils who are doing well. Pupils are made aware of their strengths and areas for development so that they can set targets and look for ways to improve.

At the beginning of the year, we will write to you explaining the important dates for Year 7 students through the year, including parents evenings.  Year 7 pupils will receive academic progress reports to enable parents and pupils to see how well they have settled into secondary school life.

For more information visit the Progress Monitoring and Reporting page

Music Tuition & Music Groups
Instrumental Lessons – Tuition can be arranged, on request, on the following basis:
  • Tuition is available from Oldham Metropolitan Music Centre in brass, woodwind, orchestral strings, guitar and percussion (drums) instruments as well as vocal tuition. There is no provision for keyboard or recorder lessons.
  • There are a limited number of places available.
  • Pupils who have not previously played may be able to take up an instrument.
  • The charge made includes the loan of an instrument where required.
  • Pupils entering the scheme must do so for a minimum of one full school year (ie three terms).  This means that you must pay for 3 terms’ tuition even if your son/daughter stops attending lessons partway through the year.  You must inform the Finance Office as soon as possible, in writing, if a pupil wishes to cancel tuition and where possible before the start of the next/new academic year.  Reminders will be sent for non-payment of tuition fees.

The Tuition Rota – Pupils are withdrawn from normal school lessons for the half-hour of their music tuition.  Group sizes for tuition are usually three or four and not normally larger than five.  Rotas are arranged so that the subject missed should vary from week to week.  All normal school work must be caught up with and kept up to date, so pupils need to show diligence and commitment in this respect, as well as musical aptitude!

School Music Groups – Large numbers of pupils are involved in ensemble music-making in school. It is important to stress that

  • Choirs are open to all interested pupils.
  • Instrumental groups are open to all players of a suitable standard, regardless of whether they receive instrumental tuition in school.
  • Pupils who do opt to receive instrumental or vocal tuition in school are expected to take part in a group at a suitable level.  Ensemble playing and singing helps develop music reading and broader skills.
  • Groups operating at present: School Orchestra, Brass Band, Junior and Senior Wind Bands, Swing Band, Brass Ensemble, Senior Choir, Junior Girls’ Choir, Boys’ Choir and Junior Orchestra.

More information about Music Tuition and associated activities can be found here

Photographs & Film
We take photographs of students in school depicting their work and celebrating their achievements. Sometimes some of these photographs are posted on the website and sometimes we have press coverage where photographs may be published in the newspaper. Could parents please inform the Headteacher, in writing, if you do not wish your son or daughter to be photographed and the photographs used in the ways mentioned above.
Rewards & Behaviour


At Crompton House we are very keen to praise and reward our students when they have been engaged in excellent work across all areas of the school life. The ultimate praise is the ‘Headteacher’s Award’ which is granted weekly to students who have produced an exceptional piece of work or have been engaged in outstanding behaviour, or who have just worked conscientiously and diligently over a period of time. This award has a special notice board where the recipients’ photographs will be placed for the rest of the school to see.


We expect only exemplary behaviour from all our pupils in order to provide the best conditions for learning. If students make the wrong choices about behaviour, action is always taken. Individual staff or department detentions are held throughout the week at lunchtimes or after school as appropriate, and these will be recorded in planners or with a detention slip for your information at least one day in advance for after school detentions. These are not negotiable.

More information about Rewards can be found here.

School Equipment
All pupils are issued with the appropriate text and exercise books. They are the responsibility of the student and must be replaced if lost or damaged. It is expected that these books are treated with care and contain no graffitti.

All pupils need a calculator of their own to take this to their lessons. We do not lend calculators to students as they are such a fundamental piece of equipment. The National Curriculum in Maths requires knowledge of the various calculator functions and efficient use of them. We recommend that a scientific calculator is bought to allow pupils to familiarise themselves with all functions over a period of time. There are many scientific calculators on the market but one is available from school (Casio fx-83GTplus) and this can be purchased from the maths department for around £7 at the start of the new Autumn term.

FX85coloursMaths sets containing, pencil, pencil sharpener, compass, eraser, ruler, protractor, and a set square are available from the maths department at a cost of around £1.

School Fund

(School Charity No. XT32426)

Each September, we have asked pupils to contribute £2 each towards the School Fund. These monies are used to purchase additional resources that we would otherwise not be able to fund. Due to the substantial amount of time and effort that it takes to collect these funds every year, we are now asking for the payments for years 7 to 11 to be paid in one lump sum of £10, i.e. £2 for each year that the pupil attends school between years 7 & 11. We also have several non-uniform days each year where pupils donate £1 in order not to wear their school uniform for a day. Funds collected from non-uniform days are donated to various charities or contribute towards school fundraising. One non-uniform day each year is free but we collect £1 for each of the other 5 days. Again, it takes a significant amount of time to collect, record and bank these individual payments so this year, we are asking for the non-uniform day donations for the year to be paid now rather than in 5 separate collections. Pupils can choose not to contribute toward non-uniform days but must wear their uniforms on those days.

for more information visit the School Fund page