Prayer Spaces & Peace Pledge 2017

Prayer Spaces was an opportunity for pupils and staff to spend time thinking about local and world issues and concerns. Miss Skelton, Head of Religious Studies, and Mr Davies of Oldham’s Salt Cellar Youth Project devised a series of activities to stimulate the pupils and the results were amazing as these photos show. Nearly every pupil in school visited  Prayer Spaces during the week which followed a whole school assembly when Mr Upton, Mr Davies and Mr Outram, secretary of The Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum, introduced the borough’s peace pledge. At the end of the assembly Mr Newell and two pupils signed the pledge on behalf of the school.

Early in the Autumn Term the school will be hosting a “Playing for Peace” exhibition in the Learning Zone, and on the International Day of Peace in September we are planning to unveil our “Peace Pole” at the front of the school as a mark of the school’s commitment to the peace pledge.

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