Reflections from Taizé by our Yr 11 pupils

The experience of Taizé has been very different to what we expected.

  • We thought the church would be boring and repetitive, especially as we visit it 3 times a day. In fact the church is calm, peaceful and intriguing.
  • We thought the food would taste horribly. Surprisingly, it’s okay and caters for our basic needs.
  • Meeting people from around the world we thought would be strange and awkward, but they are friendly and speak incredible English fluently, which surprised us.

At meetings we got put into groups of around 10, with people from all around the world. This has given us a good chance to learn more about the different countries and how they differ from the UK. We have learnt a few phrases in different languages, which has been a fun experience to share with others.

The aims of the trip are:

  • To experience what it’s like to live in a community centered around faith
  • To learn about a different expression of Christianity
  • To reflect on the bigger questions of life
  • To meet, and learn from, people from all around the world

From the Taizé website:

Taizé is an international and ecumenical monastery in eastern France (Burgundy) founded in 1940. Since the 1960s the Taizé Community has been welcoming young adults (15+) from a wide variety of backgrounds for week- long sessions of community building and discussion. 80,000 young people from all over the world participate in these meetings each year.

A stay at Taizé helps young people mature in a safe but challenging environment.

  • It is participation in a community life where each person is free to be who they are. It is accessible to those who do not think of themselves as being religious, as well as to those of other faiths. Visiting groups usually include non-Christian young people.
  • Each day includes small international discussion groups, reflection in a larger group led by a brother of the Community, some practical activity and prayer with the whole community.
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