Summer School 2021

Overall the two week summer school was a huge success. The aim of our summer school programme was to deliver a 2 week summer school offering a blend of academic literacy education and enrichment activities.. All areas of the curriculum were represented with students being treated to a carousel of 12 activities which were truly inspired and wide ranging.

History created an atmospheric and menacing Black Death escape room which tested collaboration and problem solving, whilst many activities such as Orienteering, Music, Drama, Italian culture challenges and medical investigations also helped develop teamwork, communication skills and initiative.

As well as group activities individuals also had time to develop new creative and academic skills, along with personal resilience through Origami, Chess, programming robots, baking and Creative writing, Creative reading and Creative artwork. Other big hits were Rocket building, sports and Tug o’ War (especially vs the staff!).

On the final day each week a variety of team games took place with students competing against each other and then finished with a team tug of war event. An award ceremony rounded off each week where students were presented with prizes by staff for their endeavours in each activity throughout the week. Each student received a medal and certificate and then some students also won overall prizes for each subject.

The staff who designed the activities deserve a huge amount of praise for it was the engaging content that captured the students’ imaginations. Ultimately it was fantastic to see so many students working and learning together in an atmosphere of fun, laughter and togetherness.

The grant conditions of the Summer School funding require each academy to disclose a breakdown of the total spend of the income received. The below table shows the total income received for the summer 2021 Summer School, with a breakdown of the different categories for expenditure type:


Total Income Staff Costs Materials Catering
£60,339 £48.896 £5,311 £6,132


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