The Taize Experience from a boy’s perspective!

At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t make any friends in Taize since I knew no-one to begin with; however, everyone in Taize is incredibly friendly and I made a group of great friends quite quickly. Even if you are bad at making friends, I guarantee you will make friends because of the groups you get put in and how friendly everyone there is. You might think language barriers are a problem but everyone there speaks great English. The food, although advertised as bad, I thought was okay. For breakfast there was always bread, chocolate, butter and either tea or hot chocolate. I think the main reason some people complained was because the food is relatively simple compared to what people have normally. The church was a really unique experience. At the start of the week, sitting on the floor with no backrest for the service really made you ache afterwards but by the end of the week I started to really enjoy the different experience it offered.

By Alex Senelle (Year 10) 20150702_200146

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