Whole School Photograph October 2016

Tuesday 4th October was a special day for Crompton House School. As part of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Crompton House we arranged for a photograph of the whole school. With over 1,300 pupils and over 120 staff, it was a mammoth task, but the team from Tempest Photography did a brilliant job. The unique staging was erected in just over an hour and the first pupils were ready by 9.30. Because of the high numbers involved Years 10 and 11 were photographed on the top rows of the staging separately before the rest of the school assembled. The photos will be stitched together to produce one photograph of all the school community. Following this the Sixth Form reassembled on the staging for their own picture. Lessons recommenced after break, and by lunchtime Tempest’s team were off to their next job.

The photos above give an idea of what was involved, and we hope to have the pictures on sale well before Christmas.

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