Year 10 Geographers explore Blackpool

The Year 10 Geographers, as well as 2 German Exchange students, travelled to Blackpool today (15.9.15) to apply the Butler Model learnt in class, to an actual seaside resort. After being dropped off at the South Shore, all students walked along the Promenade noting down notable physical and human attractions  along the way. Each student worked from a work booklet, with each group being taught notable dates and facts from their teacher.

The weather was great for the day and the resort was quite quiet. Lunch was just near the Central Pier, and the seagulls were pretty fierce wanting the student’s sandwiches. After lunch, students proceeded along to front to the Winter Gardens, via the Comedy carpet and the Tower. Students felt like royalty as they followed  personalised direction signs pointing the way to the Spanish Theatre. Here students had a fantastic talk from Alan, the Tourism Officer  for Blackpool, to update all their facts.

Unfortunately time was not with us and students had no free time to buy the fish and chips and/or candy floss they desired. Fortunately, Alan – the Tourist Officer had provided Mr Douglas with a box of rock to be distributed on the coach for the journey home.

All in all, a great day enjoyed by all,  and updated notes for their GCSE tourism case study.

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