Year 10 MMU Summer Residential 2016

Tanya Ashworth recalls the 3 days in July spent at MMU learning more about the benefits of attending University, Photos have only just arrived from MMU, hence the later than planned blog.

Day 1 Tuesday 19th  July

On the hottest day of the year, Tanya, Zara, Roheema and Faye waited for the coach to pick the students up to take to MMU. Several student ambassadors from MMU, who were very friendly, greeted them. An arrival, we were allocated rooms which were standard student rooms. All of the group then watched a short play on the merits of going to university and got to know each other through icebreakers. We then went for dinner with our new friends.

Day 2 Wednesday 20th  July

We had to be up extremely early for our campus treasure hunt; we worked in groups to get to know the campus. After that we had mini taster sessions in nutrition, maths, business and library skills. These were very enjoyable. In the evening we all went to an arts centre where we did a range of activities.

Day 3 Thursday 21st  July

On the final day we worked in the same groups to produce a presentation on our time at MMU, which was really enjoyable as we all, got our input. Many of the people got on extremely well and the overall judgment for me was to go to university. The other people from the trip wanted to go to university also.

All students really enjoyed the trip, wishing it was for a few days longer!! They met plenty of new people and can’t wait for the reunion that they are organising for next year.

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