Year 7 Welcome Communion October 2015

Our Year 7 pupils celebrated their first communion at Crompton House on Wednesday 21st October.  The service, lead by Rev Tony & curate Rev Tim, introduced the pupils to formal worship at Crompton House. As is traditional, the prayers were read by the pupils and the music was performed by our Sixth Form musicians. Teachers Miss Skelton and Mr Smith read the readings.  At the end of the service the pupils were given a copy of the New Testament by representatives of the Gideon Society.  During the service the pupils  sang the school hymn ,something they will do many times over the next five or seven years.  The words were written by a previous school deputy head and is sung to the tune of “For all the saints”.

Crompton House School Hymn

O lead us Lord, in all we learn to do,

That we might give to you the glory due:

For all our gifts, we know are sent by you.

Help us to serve you. Help us to serve you.


O lead us Lord, in all we learn to say,

That with our lips we honour you alway:

For words may heal, yet bitter words may slay.

Help us control them. Help us control them.


O lead us, Lord, to use our mind aright,

That in our thinking Christ may be our might:

For deeds are born of thoughts by day and night.

Fill us with your light. Fill us with your light.


O lead us, Lord, from year to year in grace.

Come in our hearts and take the highest place.

Help us to run with joy the heavenly race,

Through Christ our Saviour,

Through Christ our Saviour.

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