Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip to Castleton

Declan Finegan & Liam Heap write about their Geography fieldtrip today:

On Friday 9th October on this glorious day, as the clouds rolled over the deep valley, Year 8 Band 2 were dropped off and proceeded to walk on the closed Mam Tor road, due to the landslide. Having set the scene for the day, we then trekked 3.5 km downhill to the beautiful, scenic village of Castleton. As we walked down to the village, we observed the iconic millstone (the logo of the Peak District National Park). When the reached the car park in Castleton we had a 20-minute lunch break. After lunch we worked in groups to collect data for our key assessment. We had 3 main tasks to do.

  1. Note down registration plates of 10 cars each, to enable us to find out where the cars and tourists came from.
  2. Write down then names of shops & services labeled on the map and decide whether it is for tourists or locals.
  3. To conduct an environment quality survey to decide whether the air quality, noise and litter was either positive or negative in certain spots around the village.

Band 1 went on the same trip on Wednesday but unfortunately had to contend with rain all day. They can share our results.Year 8 had a wonderful day experiencing and exploring the beautiful scenery of Castleton. It will certainly help in our understanding of tourism in National Parks and we hope to produce outstanding projects. The traffic coming back was horrendous and took far longer than it should have done. The football lads got changed on the bus ready to play against Newman College.



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