Year 8 Maths Puzzle Day

The Year 8 Puzzle Day was a big success and it was great to see our students playing games, having fun, being challenged and developing new skills. The Happy Puzzle Company came in for the day and the aim of the sessions was to develop: maths skills, thinking skills, reasoning skills, team and communications skills alongside perseverance and resilience.

It was lovely to see our students getting so involved. They enjoyed the challenge and were delighted when they succeeded ‘wow, I can actually do this’. They worked well in their teams. You could see their confidence growing as they worked with no teacher intervention and with real enthusiasm to solve a problem.

Pupils afterwards said “I really enjoyed working with my friends.”  “It would be good if we could have some of  these in our lessons.”  “It was really good working in small groups. and trying harder versions of the puzzles.”

The key to success in maths is confidence and resilience, the Happy Puzzle Company helped to develop these skills in our students and we look forward to welcoming them again in the future.  <Many thanks to the PTFA and the school’s Gifted & Talented Group for funding this initiative.

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