Yr 11 GCSE Results Day 2017

After all the news on the television, radio, and other media about the new grades it had been a sleepless night before GCSE Results Day for many of our Year 11 students, but the relief was noticeable once the results envelopes had been opened. Mr Newell had spoken at their valedictory service of the great feeling of togetherness the pupils showed throughout their five years at Crompton House. And this spirit of friendship and support was very evident in the school hall; parents, grandparents and friends celebrating with pupils who had done well, and supporting those whose results meant a change in plans.

For most it was day of celebration as the pictures above show.

Mr Karl Newell, Headteacher says:

“I am very pleased to congratulate our Year 11 students for their excellent GCSE results. We were eagerly anticipating the results from the new specification courses for English and Maths, and we are very pleased with how the Crompton House pupils have done in these and in the other courses.

I am particularly pleased that we have a very pleasing number of new grade nines and eights as well as many A* and A grades. [15 Nines, 110 A*, 36 Eights, 335 A/Sevens]

We have 7 pupils achieving 11 top grades (9, 8, 7, A* and A) and a further 5 with 10 top grades and they all deserve particular praise.

The students with 11 top grades (Nine, Eight, Seven, A* and A) are:

Josh McCracken achieved 2 Nines, 1 Eight and 8 A*

Niamh Spivey achieved 3 Nines, 6 A* and 2 A

Helen Black    achieved 1 Nine, 2 Eights, & A* and 1 A

Philippa Bateman achieved 2 Nines, 1 Seven, 6A* and 2 A

Isobel Catanach achieved 2 Nines, 1 Seven, 5A* and 3 A

Victoria Dennis achieved 2 Nines, 1 Seven 5 A* and 3A

Kate Emmott achieved 1 Eight, 2 Sevens, 2 A* and 6 A

The students with 10 top grades (Nine, Eight, Seven, A* and A) are:

Jonathan Lawrence

Alexandra Gaudel

Fay Symonds

Isabel Larder

Isobel Logan

Niamh Spivey was one of just 2,000 pupils in the country who achieved 3 grade Nines. She also achieved 100% attendance over all 5 years of her time at Crompton House.

Mr Newell continued:

“These were very different exams to last year so it would not be right to make comparisons with previous cohorts. What I do say is that all our Year 11 worked really hard to achieve their grades with lots of support from teachers and parents.

As well as being hard working academically they have been outstanding at all the other aspects of the school including the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Drama, Music, Sport and Charity work.

We are very proud of these students who achieved our best results.  Many of our pupils have applied to Crompton House Sixth Form, and we look forward to welcoming these and the many students from other schools to our Sixth Form in September.”

Oldham Secondary Heads have made the following statement:

“This year sees the first of a set of changes to GCSE curriculum and assessment. From 2017 English and Maths will be more challenging and will be graded on a new scale of 9 to 1, with 9 the highest grade, rather than A* to G. Similar changes will affect 20 more subjects from 2018, and the remainder from 2019. Simple comparison of 2017 results with previous years’ results is not possible. These changes also affect the government Basics, Attainment 8, Progress 8 and Ebacc measures. Progress comparison will be possible later this year when national level data is released.”

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