8Ri 1 love Manchester

8 Ridley 1 pupils explain in their own words why the chose to support the ‘I Love Manchester’ charity.

Manchester – We’re Stronger Together

Manchester is Strong now and forever by Matthew Pendlebury, Year 8 RI1

On the 22nd May 2017 the world was stunned into silence after hearing about the tragic news of the bombing at the Manchester Arena.  Twenty-two people lost their lives on this terrible day and thousands were affected mentally.

One year on from the attack, people are still in shock and are in need of psychological help.  What happened that day will never be forgotten, especially by the people of Manchester.

My sister went to the concert and was literally metres away from the tragedy.  Myself, my family and friends are so lucky to still have my sister.  This gave me the enthusiasm and drive to do this, not just for the people who lost their lives, but more than anything, for my sister because it meant so much to her to give to this incredible charity.

James Carroll, Year 8 RI1

We chose the charity ‘I Love Manchester’ because we love Manchester.  They are building a permanent memorial for the Manchester bombing last year.  We organised this event to raise money.  We felt proud to stand up for Manchester and together we are united.

Charity by Tilly McConnell, Year 8 RI1

We chose to do our charity bake sale for the Manchester Arena attack.  We raised money for a charity called ‘I Love Manchester’.  This whole event was for the people who witnessed the attack, which meant the survivors and the people who lost loved ones.  It was also to make a permanent memorial.

When the stall first started we were overwhelmed by how many people wanted to buy our cakes and bracelets.  Initially there was only me and around 5 others working on the stall so it was difficult.  As it went on the rest of my form joined in and we got the hang of it and sold everything.

We are really happy with how the stall turned out and how all our form had a part to play.  I think this is something we should all be very proud of.


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