Duke of Edinburgh Christmas slow cooker appeal

Mr Hardman and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award team at Crompton House Church of England School in Shaw would like to thank everyone who has donated in any way to the slow cooker appeal. They have been collecting slow cookers and taking donations to buy them in order to donate them to Oldham foodbank.  By the 14th of December they had collected over 100 cookers.

Mr Hardman, who co-ordinated the collection said, “With COVID we had a number of young people who were struggling to find a volunteering activity. More people are also using food banks, partly due to the economic effects of COVID. I heard of someone on social media who had started collecting slow cookers in his area and wondered if it would work here.”

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award group collect the cookers from the collection point, sourced where to buy them from with the donations they have received and are going to put together recipes that can be circulated to the people who receive the cookers.

Slow cookers are perfect for people on a budget because they use very little electricity, costing around 3 pence an hour to run, which is less than leaving a lightbulb switched on all day. They are also great for making the most of budget ingredients.

Mr Hardman said, “I was asked when we started this how many we were expecting to get. I certainly was not expecting this. I never fail to be amazed by the generosity of the Crompton House family, but this and the support of the wider community and local businesses is something else.”

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