Year 8 Art Trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The Year 8 pupils who have chosen to study one of the Art GCSE courses next year took a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Friday 3rd July. The aim of the trip was to get to know the other pupils in the class and also to look at a variety of sculpture in the open air.   It was a hot and sunny day and the conditions were perfect for a walk around the 500 acre park. One of the main attractions was the Henry Moore sculptures. IMG_4569Moore was born in Yorkshire in 1898 and is one of Britain’s best-known twentieth century artists. His large-scale bronze sculptures greeted us on arrival at the park, standing large and proud, displayed against the beautiful and historic landscape. Moore’s sculptures are usually abstractions of the human figure, typically depicting mother-and-child or reclining figures. Many people liken the undulating forms of his reclining figures to the Yorkshire landscape and hills. We also saw work by Julian Opie, another British born artist. His Galloping Horse is an LED sculpture and shows an animated horse running – as if through the landscape. His work stands among other interesting sculptures by Anthony Caro, Dennis Oppenheim and Peter Liversidge.


The pupils had the opportunity to take photos and draw from the sculptures, and hopefully this will inspire them in forthcoming art projects. It was a most enjoyable and interesting visit and a great way to spend a sunny day in July!

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