Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip to Castleton 2017

Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip to Castleton – 19th and 20th September 2017.

Erin Mason writes about the fieldtrip to Castleton, Peak District, as part of their Tourism studies in Geography. Band 1 visited Castleton on Tuesday and Band 2 today (Wednesday).

Our trip to Castleton could be described by many words: sunny, amazing, peaceful and stressful.

We arrived at the top of the hill, just below Mam Tor, where we completed a fieldsketch to show the location of Castleton in the Hope Valley and how the land is used. We then descended down the hill, passing several groups of sheep and streams. The walk to the village took about half an hour. When we got to the Tourist Information we had a short lunch stop before commencing the village study. The village was very quiet with barely any cars and I had never seen so many people walking at once. It was so peaceful and clean.

First we mapped the village by noting down the use of each shop and service. Then we evaluated the quality of the air, noise and litter amounts in five different locations across the village. All our scores were positive – a lot different from around Shaw! Next we noted down the number plates from cars parked in the village to gain the information needed to assess where cars had come from. It was not the most scientific method but school groups cannot ask tourists where they have come from. Finally we answered some questions in our fieldwork booklet and headed back to the meeting point. Some people had some spare time to purchase ice creams from the local shops so putting money back into the economy. A lot of us need to practise our map skills as a lot of us could not read the map and a few of us, including me got a little lost in the small village!

All in all, a great Geography fieldtrip. Here’s to the write up which counts as our key assessment!!

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