Year 9 GCSE Applied Art

Visitors to Crompton House School will be greeted by a new piece of artwork hung in the main reception seating area. The work was produced by Year 9 students studying Applied Art GCSE level.

Year 9 Applied Art pupils have been working hard on the theme of ‘Man Made Forms’.  A number of different art processes have been explored, such as printmaking, monochrome painting and these amazing reliefs made from junk materials.  We have also visited Manchester Museum of Science and Industry to see the Air and Space Gallery and the The Power Hall.  The art work of Eduardo Paolozzi (a pop artist who sounds Italian but is actually Scottish!) was the inspiration for the reliefs and the students researched his techniques and methods before creating their own pieces.   After the reliefs were created, spray paint was used to give and industrial, metallic feel to the work.

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